Developmental Psychology - A.C.

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  • Infancy - Emotional - Temperament

    I was an easy baby with a calm temperament. I used to put my mums hand on my face or suck my thumb to self soothe. Despite this I could be difficult and cry when I wanted something thus I perhaps do not fit into one of Thomas and Chess's child temperament categories.
  • Infancy - Emotional - Attachment

    I showed more of an insecure disorganised attachment to my parents as I would be fine with y parents or strangers. This may be due to my mum going back to work 4 months after i was born so I got experience at a young age a variety of interactions.
  • Infancy - Physical/Biological - Walking

    I started walking when i was 11 months old. My parents would hold my hands for support getting up but let me do the leg movements.
  • Infancy - Cognitive - Piaget's Theory

    In infancy this consisted of Piaget's Sensorimotor stage. I showed A-Not-B-Error by clapping at the sweets cupboard where they were usually kept even when i saw mum move them to another place.
  • Early Childhood - Cognitive - Piaget's Theory

    As a child i was in Piaget's Preoperational stage. I showed animism by turning my toys to not face me as i believed they came alive at night and would stare at me as i sleep.
  • Early Childhood - Cognitive - Language

    When I was younger we would read bedtime stories. My parents would elaborate on meanings of the books with me and engage me in reading not just them. I could memories my whole favourite book and can still remember some pages today.
  • Early Childhood - Cognitive - Interests

    As a child I enjoyed many different activities, such as painting, sports, playing with my soft toys. This does not fit into the research on concept formation and categorization as these activities involve different movements and features.
  • Early Childhood - Emotional - Temperament

    My family and friends would describe me as an extrovert. I would always be very talkative and outgoing. This continued into my school reports saying I was always a class distraction as well as my thrill seeking nature.
  • Moved to Australia

    Moved to Australia
    When I was 5 years old, my family packed up and moved from Scotland to Sydney, Australia. Before my parents were married they traveled to Australia and loved it so after receiving job offers in Australia we decided to make the move. (The photo is from this year but I thought was good because shows the Sydney Harbour Bridge).
  • Middle/Late Childhood - Physical/Biological - Exercise

    I exercised 3-4 days a week. I used to play soccer and netball on the weekends as well as team practice during the week. I also did beach nippers. I enjoyed physical activity and found it lots of fun as it was very social due ti participating in team sports.
  • Middle/Late Childhood - Physical/Biological - Fine/Gross Motor

    At this age i was using mostly gross motor skills. Activities such as running, kicking/throwing the ball and swimming.
  • Middle/Late Childhood - Cognitive - Piaget's Theory

    At this age I was using Piaget's Concrete Operational stage of development. Classify and serration was used at school where we learnt to line up ourselves in height order and classify objects/animals into groups.
  • Middle/Late Childhood - Cognitive - Intelligence

    In primary school awards were given at the school assembly in front of everyone for those who received anything of a credit and above (to high distinctions). I only ever did well enough to achieve 'participation' so i would be left with a group of people who did not highly achieve. It made me feel I wasn't intelligent but as I grew older i realized people do better at different things.
  • Benji

    When I was 13 I bought my own dog. After years of wanting a dog and never allowed, I saved up Christmas and birthday money to buy one. His name is Benji and he is a Moodle (Maltese terrier/toy poodle).
  • Adolescence - Physical/Biological - Puberty

    I hit puberty around the same time as many of my friends when I was 13. It did not effect me in any way except when i got my period before I started using tampons, I would be self conscious of my pad showing in my school dress.
  • Adolescence - Physical/Biological - Exercise

    I got about 5-6 days of exercise a week playing soccer and going to the gym. I felt it important to start to work out and it made me feel good and relieve stress. Soccer was very social which also made exercise enjoyable.
  • Adolescence - Physical/Biological - Fine/Gross Motor

    Soccer practice involved more fine motor skills such as dribbling and shuffling compared to when I was younger. At the gym I would do cardio which involved gross motor skills such as running on the tredmill, cycling or rowing.
  • Adolescence - Cognitive - Piaget's Theory

    By adolescence I was in Piaget's Formal Operational stage of development. I went through adolescence ego centrism as i used to e self-conscious and think everyone was looking at my acne.
  • World Challenge

    World Challenge
    In 2013-2014 I traveled for a month with a group of 20 people to Cambodia and Vietnam to participate in World Challenge. This consisted of teaching English and maths to children in schools in poor areas, trekking around the countries and enjoy leisure time. (Photo of monks).
  • Early Adulthood - Physical/Biological - Exercise

    I workout 4-5 days a week doing cardio and weight training at the gym. I enjoy exercising as I don't eat very healthy so it helps me balance that out and it also makes me feel really good, positive energetic. It helps relieve stress from uni work too.
  • Early Adulthood - Physical/Biological - Fine/Gross Motor

    For cardio i would run, row and cycle which uses gross motor skills, however i do HIIT training as well which depending on the activity can incorporate more fine motor skills. For strength lifting weights I focus more on technique which uses fine motor skills.
  • Early Adulthood - Emotional - Sternberg

    Intimacy + commitment = affectionate. I am loving, caring and friendly and show commitment through not cheating and staying loyal and faithful.
  • Study Abroad UAB

    Study Abroad UAB
    This semester I have transferred for study abroad from my home uni (UNSW) in Australia to UAB. Sadly I will be leaving UAB very soon as I am only here for 1 semester but have enjoyed experiencing the American college lifestylem and have met some great friends for life. The picture is from my first American football game here at UAB!
  • Early Adulthood - Cognitive - Piaget's Theory

    At this age I was in the formal operational stage of Piaget's theory. I used deductive reasoning to play a game similar to the Amazing Race involving problem solving to get the next clue to move forward.