• birth date

    birth date
    I was born on january, 7th, 1993. i was born in bridgeton New Jersey. This is important to me because it was the day i came into this world.
  • Period: to


  • First year of baseball

    First year of baseball
    This was my first year ever playing baseball. I played tee ball at North Cumberland little leauge.
  • 9/11

    This was the day terrorists flew planes into the world trade centers. This day is important to me because it showed me how easily things can change, and not always for the good. I was at my aunt Lisa's when this event happened.
  • wedding

    My parents got married on October 4th, 2003, at the seabrook fire hall. Ill never forget this day especially because i got to be in the wedding. This is also the first time i ever dance in front of other people.
  • Holly City Hornets

    Holly City Hornets
    In 2004 i joined my first travel league baseball team. I played for the holly city hornets in Millville New Jersey. We went to cooperstown New York in the summer.
  • Driving

    This was the day i got my drivers license. Ill never forget finally driving on my own for the first time. I took my test on my 17th birthday in salem, new jersey.
  • college

    I plan to attend college and study criminal justice to one day become a police officer.
  • Stay Focused

    Stay Focused
    Enjoy college but study hard and focus at the same time.I want to be able to have fun but reach my goals at the same time.
  • Academy

    This year i possibly plan on finishing up my second year at cumberland county college and transfer to a police academy. I also hope to come closer to becoming a police officer
  • Home

    By this time i hope to be very close to becoming a police officer. i would also like to have my own house by this time.
  • police officer

    police officer
    By this time i hope to be a New Jersey state trooper. I hope im in law enforcement protecting the people in not only this state but inb the entire country.