Canada day fathers


  • Start confederation

    Start confederation
    Confederation came about because the colonies of British North America where willing to compromise.
  • Choosing the Capital

    Choosing the Capital
    Since the union of Canada East and Canada West in 1841 had met at diffrent times
  • London Conference

    London Conference
    Following the Quebec Conference, the Province of Canada's legislature passed a bill approving the union. The union proved more controversial in the Maritime provinces, however, and it was not until 1866 that New Brunswick and Nova Scotia passed union resolutions, while Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland continued to opt against joining.
  • Fathers of Confederation

    Fathers of Confederation
    There were 36 original Fathers. Hewitt Bernard, who was the recording secretary at the Charlottetown Conference, is considered by some to be a Father.
  • Quebec Conference

    Quebec Conference
    After returning home from the Charlottetown Conference, John A. Macdonald asked Viscount Monck, the Governor General of the Province of Canada to invite delegates from the three Maritime provinces and Newfoundland to a conference with United Canada delegates
  • Period: to

    Joining Confederation

  • Joining Confederation

    Joining Confederation
    The Dominion acquired Rupert's Land from the Hudson's Bay Company and the North-Western Territory