Computers timeline

  • Day i was born (birth of an unstoppable beast)

    Day i was born (birth of an unstoppable beast)
    Born at Hurley hospital. Weighed in at 7lbs. Third child born.
  • Met my brothers

    Met my brothers
    The 1st time I came from hospital. They crowded around me and just stared at me.
  • 1st birthday

    1st birthday
    Had ice cream cake and lots of birthday presents didn’t know what was going on. Parents told me I should have seen the smile on my face
  • 1st words

    1st words
    My first word was shut up to my brothers because they were messing with me. Got in trouble for it though but it was worth it.
  • First time on roller coaster

    First time on roller coaster
    Wild cat at cedar point. I was afraid of heights so super scared and started to go into worst case scenario. I was on the roller coaster with my brothers
  • Talk to a girl

    Talk to  a girl
    Was nervous because didn’t know how to talk to girls. Never actually said a word when I was younger. Happened at juinor high school at lunch outside.
  • Grandpa past away

    Grandpa past away
    Never seen my dad cry. I didn’t really know how to react but now I know that he had an big impact on my life
  • First time on airplane

    First time on airplane
    Was afraid of heights so kind of scared never been so high up in the air. Funny thing was fell asleep before the plane took off.
  • Got my PS2

    Got my PS2
    First game console i ever had.was my brothers old one.gave it to me because he got a brand new PS3
  • Got in first fight !!!!!

    Got in first fight !!!!!
    Over I stupid stuff. He was talking about me and I punched him and that’s how it started
  • Met the girl of my dreams

    Met the girl of my dreams
    Seen her and fell for her. Never seen some one so beautiful in my life.
  • Went to an WWE event

    Went to an WWE event
    Went to summer slam tour with my best friend was super fun. Got some autographed stuff
  • Grandma past away

    Grandma past away
    2nd Saddest day of my life. Died a week away from my 15th birthday
  • First day at high school

    First day at high school
    Biggest school I have ever been in, in my entire life. Was the shortest compared to everyone else
  • Got my xbox360

    Got my xbox360
    Was so excited first new game console got about 5 games to go with it. Didn’t stop playing it until 12:00 a.m