• Seven Years War

    A global conflict involving the U.S and most of Europe
  • Industrial Revolution

    The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes, made music more easily accessible
  • American Revolution

    The war that gained America independence from Britian
  • The Declaration of Independence was Written

  • The First Fleet

    The first fleet arrived at the Botany Bay.
  • Symphony No. 40

    Symphony No. 4o in G minor was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Magic Flute

    Magic Flute was made by Mozart
  • Death of Mozart

    Died at the young age of 35
  • Septet

  • Choral Fantasy

  • Latin American Revolution

    The Spanish American wars of Independence were numerous wars in Spanish America with the aim of political independence
  • Für Elise

    Written by Haydn