Chapter Timeline

By MelodiW
  • Quebec Referendum 1980

    This was the province's first referendum, Led by separatist Rene Leveque and involved PM Pierre Trudeau (Oui side) This was a separatist attempt to give sovreignty to Quebec. The result was 60-40% in favour of le "Non"
  • Meech Lake Accord

    Proposals formulated by the federal government and Quebec Premier Robert Bourossa intended to bring Quebec into confederation. The Meech Lake Accord offered more provincial benifits, and improved interprovincial relations. Had the Accord been enacted, Quebec would have been recognized as a "distict society". Manitoba MP Elijah Harper and premier of Newfoundland, brian peckford declined to sign and the Meech Lake Accord failed.
  • Canadian Constitution

    The BNA act was revised and brought home to Canada. Entrenched in this act was the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • An Act to Amend the Indian Act

    After the constitution was encacted, the government know that out of date, conflicting acts had to be amended. The amendments to the Indian Act were very important, because all discriminatory details (specificaly towards females) ended. also, bands were allowed to create their own restrictions for membership.

    Canada's participation in the North American Free Trade Agreement wouldn't have been without PM Brian Mulroney. He pushed for negotiations and made it intoan agreement with the USA and mexico. NAFTA has removed trade barriers like high tarriffs , and increased canada's dependence on the US. The agreement, although the cause of bankruptcy in some businesses has expanded global relations.
  • Oka

    The Oka incident involved plans to override treaty policy and build a golf course on the native community of Kanaeatake. The Mohawk people protested, and the the SWAT team and CAF were called in. One corporal died.
    The mohawks were able to secure their land, by using the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Charlottetown Accord

    A second attempt to bring Quebec into conferation. It was a proposal to reconfigure provincial and fedeal juristication. Just like the Meech Lake Accord, it failed.
  • Quebec Referendum 1995

    Quebec remained part of Canada by a sliver of the vote. The results were 49-51 in favour of le "Non".