Canadian Events

  • Feb 10, 1341

    Union Act

  • Jun 24, 1497

    Cabot's "discovery" of Newfoundland

  • Jun 24, 1534

    Cartier's "discovery" of Canada (New France)

  • Champlain founds Quebec City

  • Hudson Bay Company Founded

  • Treaty of Utrecht

  • Battle of Louisbourg

  • Fall of Quebec

  • Quebec Act

  • Northwest Company Founded

  • Paris Treaty

  • Constitutional Act of 1791

  • Red River Settlement Founded

  • War of 1812 (end)

  • Charlottetown Confederence

  • Responsible Government Created

  • Confederation

  • Manitoba joins Canada

    Manitoba becamea province of Canada after the Red River Rebellion. In response to Louis Riel's rebellion, Sir John A. McDonald introduced the Manitoba Act to the House of Commons.The bill was then given Royal Assent, and Manitoba became an official provence of Canada shortly afterwards in 1870.
  • Northwest Rebellion

  • Louis Reil is executed

    Louis Reil was considered a rebel after his revolt against the government over Metis and Francophone rights. Because he was a rebel and considered a traitor, he was excecuted. Reil also shot Thomas Scott, thus making him more disliked by fellow officials. Reil did not die immediately, and remained hanging for four minutes as the rope slowly choked him to death.
  • Maisonneuve founds Montreal

  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, was shot and killed on this day, along with his pregnant wife Sophie. An initial assassination plan failed, so, by pure luck, Princip the assassinator, managed to shoot Franz in the jugular vein after the car he was entering stalled. Princip fired two shots, one of them entering Franz's neck, the other Sophie's abdomen. Franz's alleged last words were, "Sophie, Sophie! Don't die! Live for our children!" Followed by repeated, 'it's nothing.'s
  • Battle of Ypres II

  • Battle of the Somme

  • Armistice Day

  • Treaty of Versailles

  • Start of WWII

  • D-Day

  • Victory in Europe Day

    Victory in Europe day was the public holiday celebrated to commemorated the date The Allies officially accepted the unconditional surrender of the Nazi Party, and the final end of Adolf Hitler's third reich. This finally eneded the war in Europe.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler and his wife Braun went quietly away to Hitler's personal study. While there, Braun ingested cynaide, and Hitler shot himself in the head. Upon discovering the bodies, they were quickly brought out of the room and burned, along with the bloody furniture, and saluted.