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Canada;1867-present day

By rman456
  • Confederation

    Confederation: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario form the Dominion of Canada. John A. Macdonald becomes the first prime minister.
  • Louis Riel rises

    Louis Riel rises
    The Métis of Red River rebel, under Louis Riel, after their region is purchased by Canada from Hudson's Bay Company.
  • Canada growing

    Canada growing
    Canadian Parliament agrees to buy Rupert's Land - All the Hudson's Bay Company territory.
  • The last buffalo War

    The last buffalo War
    As buffalo become scarce, the last tribal war is fought on the Prairies between the Cree and the Blackfoot over hunting territories.
  • Manitoba is part of Canada

    Manitoba is part of Canada
    Manitoba joins Confederation. The new province was much smaller than today's Manitoba.
  • British Columbia Joins

    British Columbia Joins
    British Columbia joins Confederation
  • P.E.I Joins

    P.E.I Joins
    Prince Edward Island joins Confederation.
  • The Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court
    The Supreme Court of Canada is established.
  • The demise of Riel

    The demise of Riel
    Riel is hanged in Regina.
  • Great Music

    Great Music
    The first symphony orchestra in Canada is created in Quebec City.
  • WW1 Starts

    WW1 Starts
    The First World War begins. Britain declares war on Germany on behalf of the British Empire, including Canada.
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Explosion
    A French munitions ship explodes in Halifax harbor, flattening the city, killing 1 600, and injuring 9 000.
  • WW1 Ends

    WW1 Ends
    Armistice ends the war.