Canada; 1867 - Present

  • Red River Rebellion

    Red River Rebellion
    Louis Riel and Métis occupy Lower Fort Garry. The Red River Rebellion has begun.
  • Thomas Scott

    Thomas Scott executed on orders of Riel
  • Manitoba joins Confederation

    Manitoba joins Confederation
    Manitoba joins Confederation. The new province was much smaller than today's Manitoba.
  • British Columbia

    British Columbia joins Confederation.
  • Prince Edward Island

    Prince Edward Island joins Confederation.
  • Métis defeated

    The Métis are defeated at Batoche.
  • Louis Riel

    Batoche falls, Riel taken prisoner.
  • Riel is hanged

    Riel is hanged
    Riel is hanged in Regina.
  • Wilfred Laurier

    Wilfred Laurier
    The Liberals choose Wilfred Laurier as leader.
  • Gold

    Gold is discovered in the Klondike.
  • Canada'a First woman lawyer

    Canada'a First woman lawyer
    Canada's first woman lawyer is Clara Brett Martin.
  • Women's right to vote

    Women's right to vote
    Newfoundland women receive the right to vote.