Brevet :Supranational Organizations and Devolution

  • US/Great Britian- Devolution

    US/Great Britian- Devolution
    The United States gained independence from Great Britain, because it was costing too much for Great Britain to maintain control over the distant territory and allow it Independence. Becoming trading partners with the new country was also a contributing factor in this split. (Economic)
  • Triple Alliance

    Triple Alliance
    Countries: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.
    Type: Politcal/ Military
    Purpose: Take away France's biggest allie possibilities.
  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    Countries: Great Britan, France, and Russia.
    Type: Political/Military
    Purpose: Agreed not to attack each other, and to keep Germany from taking over Europe.
  • United Nations

    United Nations
    Countries; United States, Great Britan, France, China, and 44 others.
    Type: Political/ Military
    Purpose: To keep peace
  • E/W Germany

    E/W Germany
    After WWII an "iron curtain" was put down the middle of Europe, splitting them into Democratic West Europe, & Communist East Europe. This "curtain" stayed up through most of the cold war. (Political Split)
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    When the Soviet Union split it seperated into: Armani, Azerbajan, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. The Soviet Union had many economic problems and a failing political structure and ontop of that many people had religous differences.(military)
  • OPEC

    Countries: Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.
    Type: Economy
    Purpose To control Oil Prices
  • PLO

    Countries: United Nations and Israel
    Type: Cultural
    Purpose: To push for the formation of a Palestinean state.
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia

    Czech Republic and Slovakia
    Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be Czechoslovakia. But when the north and south began being influenced by seperate regions of Europe, the north was more industrialized than the south. This forced them to seperate so they would not interfere with each others economies. (Econmic)
  • Quebec & Canada

    Quebec & Canada
    Canada gave Quebec autonomy, because Quebec wanted to seperate from Canada. Religious conflict is spread between the two regions because Quebec is mainly Catholic and Canada is mainly Protestant. (Cultural)