Benefits of Processes or Products of Biotechnology in My Life

  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    For more information.When I was born, I was vaccinated against many diseases- including hepatitis B, a very serious illness- thanks to the development in biotechnology. Biotechnology has also aided in the development of countless of other vaccines such as this. Even now, this source is helping to discover new ways to rid drugs from side-effects and adding more to the benefit of taking said pharmeceuticals.
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    My Life

  • Mom Gets Sick

    Mom Gets Sick
    For more information. My mom got very sick with back problems and other problems with pain in her body. She really needed some help from pharecueticals and quickly got prescribed. Most of her drugs were enchanced by biotechnology so that they would work better, and have less side effects for her to deal with. She is very fortunate to have these things to turn to.
  • Drive Down to North Carolina

    Drive Down to North Carolina
    For more information. In the summer of the year 2001, my family drove all the way down from New Jersey to visit my Aunt Halina in North Carolina. This event was influenced by biotechnolofy because biodiesel, what the car runs on, is made by extracting oils from soybeans and other crops. And new biodegradeable greases and lubricants for the family car are also being made from agricultural crops.
  • First Day of School Clothes

    First Day of School Clothes
    For more information. On my first day of school, I wore a beautiful bright green cotton sweater paired with some distressed looking jeans, which have both been altered and enchanced thanks to biotechnology. Cotton plants need less pesticides thanks to biotechnology, and jeans were given their special looks from biotechnology-derived enzymes!
  • The Best Bread Ever

    The Best Bread Ever
    For more information. When my family and I were going down to Vermont for a reunion with some old friends, we stopped by this small bakery in a quiant little town in New York. We ordered some bread and then tried a little peice of it in the car- it was delicious! Biotechnology has influenced this because of the food enzymes developed to help keep the bread fresh and delicious.
  • The Food at My Aunt's Wedding

    The Food at My Aunt's Wedding
    For more information.At my aunt's wedding, there was a delicious main course made up of potatoes, tomatoes, and lettuce. These were all affected by biotechnology because these can be altered to provide insulin, and even sometimes people can engineer them to make vaccines!
  • My Garden

    My Garden
    For more information. I planted radishes and celery in my backyard one day. As the crops grew, I noticed lots of weeds springing up here and there, and realized that I needed to do something about it to save my precious garden. I used a herbicide against the horrible weeds, which did not affect my plants because of the tolerance they have built up to it thanks to biotechnology.
  • Max is Born

    Max is Born
    For more information. When my baby cousin Maxamilion Konsewicz was born on the 10th of October, his parents immdiantly called all of his new reltives to the scene. Of course, everyone brought toys, but my family brought a special cool new truck that was made out of plastic enchanced by biotechnology, which used corn and other plants to make the plastics instead of petroleum. He loved our gift the most.
  • Yesterday's Lunch

    Yesterday's Lunch
    For more information. I had an extremley delectible lunch yesterday that consisted of mostly fruit. Most fruits now-a-days are enchanced to have a more appealing texture, taste, and appearance. They can even be altered to keep longer before they spoil. Not only this, but most food today is influenced by biotechnology without our even being able to tell!
  • My Favorite Flavor

    My Favorite Flavor
    For more information. There is not a day when I don't eat vanilla ice cream. I don't understand why people find chocolate better than this flavor when its so amazing! Vanilla was influenced by biotechnology because the enzymes that crate the flavor were developed by biotechnology.