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  • Summer olympics 1996

    Summer olympics 1996
    In 1996 the Summer Olympics held were in Atlanta, Georgia. Australia had a record team 417 athletes which was made up of 250 men and 167 women, Australia achieved one of its greatest Olympic result winning 9 gold 9 silver and 23 bronze scoring Australia 41 metals in total. It placed number 7 out of the top 10
  • Period: to

    Autobiography - Taylor Phoebe Norris

  • Born

    On the 12th of January 1996 I was born at Dubbo private hospital its approximately six hours drive north west Sydney in new south wales it attracts patients from Walgett, Bourke, Cobar, Condobolin, and many more rural areas. I was born in Dubbo due to the lack of doctors located in Bourke at the time when I was born there were complications due to a lack of air reaching my lungs I was rushed out of the delivery room away; As soon as I was out they put a bubble to help me breath around my head
  • diagnosed

    At a young age of one I was diagnose with a mild case of psoriasis (sore-EYE-ah-sis) a skin disease where a rash that’s is located on my scalp under my nails and mainly on the trunk of my body occurs.
  • Started Primary School

    Started Primary School
    Starting at St Brigid’s primary school from what I remember was scary due to the fact I only knew one person whom was one of my close friends
  • Graduated year 7

    Graduated year 7
    Graduating from year 7 was a big thing at the time it was scary the thought of all my friends going to different schools and not being able to spend every day with them. Even tho at the end most of the grade came close together and spent all our lunch times with one another.
  • Start High School at St Marys

    Start High School at St Marys
    Start a new school isn’t easy, it was a big step for everyone not just me to make coming from primary school to high school. Finding out I got accepted to Marys was exciting to me I felt it as if me going to an all girl school would be a great new start.
  • Year 10 Camp

    Year 10 Camp
    I loved year 10 camp I made friends with people I won’t ever though I would. I learnt to make the best out of the situations we were in for example we had to set up tents and sleep in them for a night even tho it was a massive fail due to the fact it fell in the middle of the night .
  • Seaworld Trip

    Seaworld Trip
    Going to SeaWorld with all of grade ten was the best even tho it was for sose .
  • Sam's Wedding

    Sam's Wedding
    20th of August was a day where we welcomed a new member to the family my brother-in-law Adam he has been a part of the family for 5years but this was the day it became real in the house of god. I was a bridesmaid which I felt proud of. I was proud of my sister , it was fun to celebrate as family due to the fact most of my family lives In new south wales and we hardly see everyone.
  • Started At Claver

    Started At Claver
    Starting at St Peter Claver was the best choice I have ever made, I have the best classes and the best teachers and for once I actually want to come to school. Even tho some people say why you would like it here if they ever went to an all-girl school where they judged you on your uniform and not on the actual work they’d understand. I’m actually passing all of my classes getting better grades and better friends. I’m just happier.