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  • I am born

  • Infancy-emotional development

    At this stage, infants will attach securely or insecurely to their primary caregiver. In my case, i feel like i securely attached to my mother because my father worked nights and wasn't around as much.
  • Infancy-Physical Development

    This is the stage when most infants begin to walk. Normal development is around 10 months. I started walking at 11 months.
  • infancy-cognitive development

    My mom likes to show this video of me at family get togethers, where I literally started to throw a tantrum in a game of peek-a-boo because I thought that my dad was gone. Soon after, the game became less fun to me, and I lost interest. This is when i hit the sensorimotor stage of piagets cognitive development.
  • Early-childhood emotional development

    Early-childhood emotional development
    As an infant and a child, I was described as being a loner. I was the second child, and my mom told me how badly she wanted to rock me and play with me, but i hated it. I wanted to be left alone in my crib to sleep. As I grew up and began walking and talking, i became the exact opposite. I loved attention, all of it. I constantly demanded to be held and paid attention to.
  • Parents Get Divorced

    At the age of three, my parents got divorced. I never thought growing up that this effected me in any way, but after taking this class, i realized that I am sort of a textbook description of a child who has divorced parents. I definitely had emotional and self-esteem issues growing up, as well as a need to mature faster than my actual age. This often resulted in me getting involved in things that were not appropriate for my age.
  • Started Dance Classes

    Started Dance Classes
    I started dance classes at the age of 3.
  • early-childhood cognitive development

    When I was younger, my mom started to try to teach me how to read. I remember because before she became a teacher, she worked in at an electricity company. One of the first words I ever learned was light because the notepad she used to write on was shaped like a yellow light bulb. This speaks to Piaget's cognitive stage of development: the preoperational stage.
  • Middle Childhood Cognitive Development

    When I was around the age of 5 I started having difficulty swallowing things, so my mom would always break my candy/food up into smaller pieces and give my older sister big pieces. I always got the same amount, but for a while I was so upset thinking I was being given less. Until i hit the concrete operational stage of development, i couldn't grasp that all my pieces still equaled a whole. Around the age of 7, this started to make more sense.
  • Middle Childhood Physical Development

    As a kid, you could not keep me indoors. I began to play teeball at the age of 3, and practically lived on the softball field from that point on. I spent every second I could outside. I was constantly sunburnt and sweaty.
  • Middle Childhood Physical Development

    At my school, third grade was the first grade where you got to play on the computers. It was around this age that I felt like my fine motor skills were used much more. My teacher made us do a lot of finger exercises to help us with typing. What was especially difficult was trying not to move our fingers from the "home position." I also remember it was at this age where we started to sculpt and do more hand activities, like finger painting, in art.
  • Middle/Late childhood Cognitive Development

    in the 3rd grade, my school began to give us fluency tests to decide what classes we should be in for reading. We would read a passage aloud and the teacher would time us and judge our accuracy. This is how I grasped the concept of word processing and word fluency.
  • Adolescence Cognitive Development

    In the sixth grade, students begin to go science lab for experiments. It was around this age that we learned the scientific method. The first experiment that I remember doing was for the science fair. We were testing to see if the amount of aspartame in sodas would affect their buoyancy in water. This represents Piaget's Formal Operational Stage.
  • Adolescence Physical Devlopement

    I developed late in comparison to my peers. A lot of the puberty changes that my friends would experience, I did not get until April of 2012, when i was in the ninth grade. I feel like this may have effected my emotional development because I was extremely self-conscious about my body and appearance at that age.
  • Adolescence Physical Devlopment

    Adolescence Physical Devlopment
    At this age, I was on the softball team, and I also cheered. I definitely think my love for the outdoors diminished at this age because I became more involved in social activities, like dating. i wasn't nearly as active as i was as a child, but I still remained pretty active. I kept a job all throughout highschool, which made it difficult to participate in everything.
  • Adolescence Physical Development

    At the age of 16, I got my first job at a grocery store in town as both a stocker and a cashier. At this age, I was using both fine and gross motor skills in combination. My job often consisted of me moving boxes and bagging groceries, as well as typing and organizing cans and completing paperwork.
  • Adolescence Emotional Devlopment

    I think Sternburg would have described my relationships as infatuation. When I was in high school, the best adjective to describe me would have been "boy crazy." One week I was in love with one guy, the next month, it might be another. I think at that age, most of my feelings were just jumbled up, confused hormones ready to burst.
  • Early Adulthood Cognitive Development

    My sophomore year of high school, I had my first scholarship interview. This was the first time that I was having to write my own essays without a prompt from the teacher or help in some way. This was the first time I was really having to put myself in some one else's shoes in order to see what I thought they wanted in a "good" essay.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Vardaman high School Class of 2015
  • Started UAB

    Started UAB
  • Early Adulthood Physical Development

    Early Adulthood Physical Development
    Honestly, I don't do a lot of physical exercise, besides playing with my cats. I spend most of my time texting, playing my cats, doing school work, or in class. i would say that I am not the biggest fan of physical exercise. I like to relax whenever I'm at home. College just really tires a girl out.
  • Early Adulthood Physical Development

    I think that most of the activities I do mostly use fine motor skills. I feel like due to the increased amount of time I spend doing school work now compared to high school, my fine motor skills have definitely increased. I am able to type much quicker than I could previously and with more precision and accuracy.
  • Became a big sister (again)

    Became a big sister (again)
    My freshman year of college, my dad and step mom had a baby. This is very important to me because I don't live at home anymore. I have a fairly close relationship with my younger siblings and an especially close one with my older sister. It really was hard for me to be so far away and miss so many important milestones in Emery's life.
  • Early Adulthood Emotional Development

    I am not what most people would describe as a "people" person. I have one really close relationship with my best friend and roommate. I would say that she is definitely my closest relationship because she is the person who knows what i'm thinking at all times. She is with me through everything, thick or thin. I think because I don't like to surround myself with a lot of people, it makes mine and her's friendship exponentially stronger than others.
  • Early Adulthood Emotional Development

    Early Adulthood Emotional Development
    I think Sternburg would describe my relationship as an empty love because it is just a commitment between us. She is my best friend and i would do anything for her, or with her. But there is no intimacy or passion, so I believe this would be the most accurate description.
  • My baby was born

    My baby was born
    On march 4th, 2017, I became the mommy to 5 healthy baby..kittens. This may seem like an odd thing to put, but this was the first time in my life I was responsible for another life, and I feel like having my kitten Dexter around truly has helped my emotional growth and anxiety.
  • Friend Commits Suicide

    Friend Commits Suicide
    On august 11th 2017, my friend and coworker committed suicide. This was one of the first times i experienced a really close loss, and my first encounter with suicide.
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