Another man in my life

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  • reading books

    reading books
    I was on a sick leave for all nine long months, it was high risk pregnancy sick.
    the only thing I enjoyed was reading books to my unborn child.
    At that time I read a lot of of them.
  • His birth

    His birth
    Alejandro was born in 2008. thanks god! because that pregnancy was terrible.
    A morning I was eating my breakfast when I felt a great pain. My son was comming.
  • Happiness

    As soon as my son was born I started to feel happy! I have always loved many people, a lot of men, but until Alejo came to my life I had never felt so much happiness.
  • Grown up

    Grown up
    He was growing up and I loved him more and more...
    Once, he was playing with some friends in the park when a little girl kissed him. but, he was absolutely happy with the situation.
  • Day Costumes

    Day Costumes
    Alejandro waits for the costume day all year. his father and I were waiting for get a lot candies that day while our son wanted to give candies others.
    So,the last few years, we have bought the candies.
  • Family toguether

    Family toguether
    my little son is loved for everyone, he is the only child in my family.
    The moment he came to our lives we were closer as a family.
  • He loves sports

    He loves sports
    my son loves doing sports! After he had his first ball, he became in the best football player I have never seen in my life. He also loves climbing walls! he always have been an energetic boy.
  • Good reader

    Good reader
    He also is an excellent reader.
    once, his preschool teacher was reading a story for him and his classmates when he took the book and finished to read the story by his own.
    Last year, I was a little sad because I was traveling when he graduated. but I felt very proud.
  • Another man in my life

    Another man in my life
    My son is another man in my life, the one who I love most. My pregnancy was terrible, but after he was born, I understood what happiness is