Amber's Timeline Final Project!

  • Prenatal Development and Birth

    Prenatal Development and Birth
    I was born May 30, 1992 in Monroe MI, in the Mercy Memorial Hospital. At 11:32am I was born and was 6lbs 10.5oz and 20 inches long. I was born naturally on my exact due date. My mom had trouble delivering me so the doctor had to use forceps on my head to help her deliver. This caused me to have a hemotoma on the left side of my head. I was not breatfeed but my mother regrets this.
  • Period: to

    Amber's Timespan

  • The First Two Years: Biosocial

    The First Two Years: Biosocial
    I was a great sleeper from the time I got home from the hospital! My 5 senses were all normally beginning to develop and strengthen. My motor skills as well as reflexes were all normal and functioning. I did not start to walk until I was a little over 1 year old. I received all the vaccines a new baby should get but I had a reaction to the measels vaccine which caused me to become sick and cranky.
  • The First Two Years: Cognitive

    The First Two Years: Cognitive
    My first words were "dada." My mom stayed at home while my sister, brother, and I were young children. She taught us this word first so that when my dad came home from work, we would see him and with surprise say "dada!"
  • The First Two Years: Psychosocial

    The First Two Years: Psychosocial
    I was very attached to my mom and grandpa. I always wanted to be with one or the other. I always cried when my grandpa left because he was very involved in my life and made me laugh a lot!
  • The Play Years: Psychosocial

    The Play Years: Psychosocial
    When I was young, my parents used the "time-out" method as a way of punishment. Unfortunately for me, I seemed to always get myseld into trouble. This however did not transfer over to how I played with my baby dolls. My mom choose "nice" words when she was upset with me and I therefore did the same to my baby dolls!
  • The Play Years: Biosocial

    The Play Years: Biosocial
    When I was 3, I encounted my first major injury. My sister and I were fighting over a Snow White mirror. She let go, and a bird's wing on the mirror clipped my lip. I was sent to the ER to get stiches and still to this day have the scar! This could have been avoided if we both weren't so stubborn!
  • The Play Years: Cognitive

    The Play Years: Cognitive
    When I would play with my dolls, I would use private speech and talk to them as if they were real and I was their mom.
  • The School Years: Biosocial

    The School Years: Biosocial
    In this healthy time of my life, I played indoor soccer and did gymnastics. Unfortunately, I failed the hearing test at school and had reoccurring tonsilitis. On my half birthday, I had my tonsils and adnoids removed and tubes put in my ears. I was able to bring one stuffed animal to help me get through this scary time and it was a small Tweety Bird stuffed animal. She was my favorite! This was my first and only major surgery and I was only in first grade!
  • The School Years: Psychosocial

    The School Years: Psychosocial
    During this time in my life, bullying was an issue that was being enforced heavily. I was involved in a bullying event when I was in 5th grade. Some friends of mine that I sat with at lunch made fun of a girl who drank her milk awkwardly. I got involved, got in trouble and almost couldn't go on our class trip to Camp Moss. The problem was solved and I went to camp but there was from then on a 0 tolerance for bullies!
  • The School Years: Cognitive

    The School Years: Cognitive
    I started grade school sports when I was in 5th grade. Volleyball was my favorite. At this time, I had to learn a new type of vocabulary that would relate to this sport. I was able to learn more terms for other objects just as a young child does earlier in their life.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial

    Adolescence: Biosocial
    7th grade had to be one of the worst times for me as a growing girl. As we all know, young girls start to advance in puberty and the joyful menstrual cycle begins. It just so happened that my whole 7th grade class was well aware that this was happening in my life. Boys were so immature then and giggled when they heard the word "period" so lucky me, I was chosen to be asked by a boy if I was at this stage in my life. They thought it was hilarious. What a great way to end 7th garde!
  • Adolescence: Cognitive

    Adolescence: Cognitive
    While I was in 8th grade, I had an older sister; a sophomore in high school. One day she bluntly told me I had a moustache and bushy eyebrows. My adolescent egocentrism kicked in! I did not want anyone thinking i had such a manly feature. Not too long after that, I was at my first eyebrow and lip waxing appointment. My sister was a pro and I was scared out of my mind! Needless to say, I still make appointments!
  • Adolescence: Psychosocial

    Adolescence: Psychosocial
    Freshman and Sophomore year were the two years in which there was most conflict at home. I have a smart attitude and I get that from my dad. It wasn't tolerated in my house and I got in trouble a lot with my mouthy ways. Also, Freshman year was when I got my first serious boyfriend and when we broke up my Sophomore year, I thought my world was going to end! It's funny to look back on now, but it happens to everyone!
  • Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial

    Emerging Adulthood: Biosocial
    Training for my 1st Marathon begins today! Ever since I was a Freshman in college, I have taken up running marathon-like races such as 5k's 10k's and so on as a hobby. The "runner's high" is such a rewarding feeling to me! October 16 is the race date in Detroit and I am doing it with my best friend Allison. We have always been work-out partners. It's the best way to catch up on each other's lives!
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive

    Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive
    College Graduation Day!! I made it! Graduated with my BSN in Nursing. With my resume already floating around to multiple hospitals, I have my fingers crossed to find a job soon! I feel so accomplished and ready to begin what I have been working so hard for. I am not concerned with student loans right away because I am confident in my financial stablilty. I do want them paid off ASAP though!
  • Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial

    Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial
    Consummate Love is surrounding me! It has been built up for quite some time now. Today is my wedding day! I am a newly certified Physicians Assistant and my husband-to-be has been playing in the MLB for the Cleveland Indians for 4 seasons. We both fulfilled our dreams and can now be happily married. We have all the components of a great, successful relationship and plan many years together!
  • Adulthood: Biosocial

    Adulthood: Biosocial
    With us both being 40 and throughout my husband's 19 years in the MLB, he has pushed me to continue to be in great, healty shape. Along with working-out together, I continue to run my races and still have the same love for them as I did when I was 18. We have been able to keep our two children healthy and active ever since they could walk. It is a great feeling to know that our family is healthy and will live long lives!
  • Adulthood: Cognitive

    Adulthood: Cognitive
    My practical intelligence grows stronger every day now that I am in my late 40's. I stil continue my Physicians Assistant career and my husband is recently retired from the MLB. He is a college coach now. We have two college kids who live away from home. Managing the home is becoming easier now that there are only 2 of us in it. I can't wait for summer so I can be with my kids again! We might get a new dog!
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial

    Adulthood: Psychosocial
    We officially have an empty nest. Our youngest daughter is a newly wed. This is bittersweet. My husband and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage in October. We are taking a wonderful vacation simply because we are still in love. We see the love that our two children have found and we reminise on the days when we were their age. We created a stable, loving, successful family and couldn't be happier!!
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial

    Late Adulthood: Biosocial
    My husband and I take a morning walk or bike ride in the summertime while the weather is still somewhat cool in the morning. This helps to keep us active. My husband has been golfing every Tuesday night in a league with some of his best friends. I work out at the YMCA with my closest friends. We do water aerobics and sit in the sauna. When the hip replacement I had 10 years acts up, the water aerobics really help! My husband and I take an asprin a day to reduce a possible heart attack.
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive

    Late Adulthood: Cognitive
    Today is a very depressing day. My 77 year old sister just passed away with Alzheimer's Disease. What a tragic and horrible thing to experience. Watching her slowly depart from us was very upsetting. Preceeding her was her husband and 3 children. I know she is in a better place with no pain, remembering us all from above. One day we will reunite.
  • Late Adulthood:Psychosocial

    Late Adulthood:Psychosocial
    Today is the day that I lose my spouse. It is depressing that it is on Valentine's Day but I know that there is a hidden meaning behind it. He passed a quck, painless death. No suffering was upon him. I have no intent to remarry. He was the love of my life; my bestfriend. There won't be a day that goes by where I won't think of him. I plan to stay busy with the family and grandkids. I know that I will love him even more when we reunite in Heaven together forever!
  • Epilogue: Death & Dying

    Epilogue: Death & Dying
    This is the day I am put to rest. The same day as my husband only 5 years later. I died in my sleep after a night of celebrating my grandchild's birthday. When I was 18 I got two hearts intertwined tattooed on my foot. I guess it took until my death for me to put meaning behind it. I was a loving person my whole life and I loved my husband all the years we were married. Those hearts will now forever symbolize our love and the date/day of our death. We are now together forever!