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  • The Day I was born

    The Day I was born
    I was brought into this world to live a life. And that is something I will always be grateful for.
  • First time I moved

    First time I moved
    Part of life we lived in Howell. My parents decided to move to cause my dad was too far from his work and there was no point to spend the gas money.
  • I was Diagnosed with R.A. (rheumatoid arthritis)

    This is something that I would wish I don’t have but I do. This put me through a lot of pain a lot of times I still have it today but is less bothering.
  • First year of school

    First year of school
    I went to field elementary for kindergarten. This is where I had a great teacher and started my education.
  • Second time I moved

    Second time I moved
    After my first year of kindergarten, my parents decided to move again. This was not because of the school my parents just wanted to move to a newer and bigger house.
  • My dog dies at the age of 14

    This was my best friend since the day I was born. He died when I was in 3rd grade It was hard to live with this
    knowing my best friend died.
  • I get a new dog

    I get a new dog
    About a year after my dog died my parents surprised me and my siblings with a new dog. A miniature doxen my old dog was full size.
  • Graduating 5th grade

    I don’t know if this is really an accomplishment but the teacher I had in 5th grade made me a better person taught me a lot of things and not just school things.
  • Broke my foot

    This happened playing hockey. I took a slap shot right off the foot it was kinda a big problem since It was the start of the season and i get injured it sucks.
  • Breaking my thumb

    Breaking my thumb
    In 6th grade towards the end of the year, I broke my thumb. This was kinda a setback for me I was out of sports for about 3 months had to miss hockey tryouts thank god I had a reserved spot but this was hard to deal with.
  • We get another dog

    We get another dog
    My parents decided to get another miniature doxen. This was gonna be tough with 2 dogs
  • Pandemic breaks out

    This was a rough time for everyone this changed everyone's lives. This was not a good situation everything was closed sports were shut down all you could do was basically sit in your house
  • Broke my thumb again

    Broke my thumb again
    Middle of the pandemic I go to a friend's house and I Broke my thumb playing basketball. This was no problem this time since everything was shut down and it helped me get out of a lot of things around the house
  • Making little caesars aaa

    Making little caesars aaa
    This was a huge goal of mine. I moved up to another level of hockey and I am really enjoying hockey more now since everybody's better and I need to push myself to get things done.
  • Today

    Everything is going well. I like school at the moment some days are a little hard with the amount of work but other than that I'm fine.