My Life

  • Period: to

    Birth to Present

  • Emily is born!

    She suffers from a visual imparement causing her to be legally blind. She would later become my hero overcoming this handicap.
  • Pepaw died

    My grandfather died, my first experience with death. Still sad when I hear Amazing Grace, it was played at his funeral.
  • Say sinners prayer

    At a training for BYBY @ HCBC a group of teens presented gospel and I prayed sinner's prayer for Jesus to come into my heart. I probably prayed that prayer another 15 times through out elementary school.
  • Fought for kids who were teased at school.

    Always loved the hurting and wanted to find a solution to make it better. So I went around with a petition for people to sign. But a bully took it and ran away with it.
  • Kelli moved

    Moved to CO
  • Adrienne moved

    Moved to be with her mom's new husband
  • Wayne moved

  • Period: to

    6th grade, teased

    I was teased alot in 6th grade and begged to be homeschooled.
  • Kishan Patel

    Kid in my science class I tried to get to read the bible becuase i "knew" once he did he would love Jesus too and go to heaven.
  • Openly debated with my science teacher

    Talking about evolution or how old the universe was or something.
  • Chased girls around track

    Chased them around telling them how much Jesus loved them.
  • Mom thyroid cancer

    My mom was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and had it all removed. Such a hard time, I still remember the mental pictures of my mom laying in that bed hurting and resting at home with people visiting her.
  • Start leading BYBC on a team

  • Starting Points

    Learned about theology and to form my own beliefs. Also to read literature and listen to conversations and pick out what they believe about God and the like.
  • Colorado trip from hell

    On our trip to Colorado my parents got in a huge fight with us kids in the car and said things like, "Well I don't know why we're still together then." They stopped the car, worked things out and then apologized to us. Good visual of marital arguments and solutions and what (NOT) to do.
  • Megan moved

    Had a hard time trusting God after my friends moved, was really hurt. Megan showd me Isaiah 40 though and remember He remains the same with me through it all. Isaiah 40:6-8 still is my fav verse.
  • Got my first guitar

    Started taking classical guitar lessons with neighbor, Keith Luedke.
  • Start looking at porn

    Was angry at being homeschooled and not seeing any friends, so when I started looking at porn I planned to blame it on my parents if I ever were caught. Completely justified it in my head.
  • Megan moved again

    Megan moved with her family to Spain for missions with muslims.
  • Mourning

    In mourning Megan's moving, mom told me there was a time for crying and that was not the time. Hurt me, had a hard time expressing emotions after.
  • Period: to

    Core group of friends

    Had a core group of friends from church I would spend majority of my time with. Kyla, Kristen, BJ, Chris, Trevor, Daniel.
  • Period: to

    World Views of the Western World

    Learned about WVWW and how they came to be (origins). Learned to debate my beliefs and the beliefs of others.
  • Period: to

    Worship Team

    Was on the worship team for one yr. Great time falling in love with God until the end. I was pushed out by the new leader of the worship band gossiping about me and got burnt out. Would carry on until my trip to Wales and then would go- kaput.
  • Date Daniel

    Both in the worship team, good healthy relationship. He was clingy though and possesive and messy so I broke up with him in May at a church camp.
  • Mission trip to Wales

    Two week trip to Wales. Great time emotionally and spiritually. After trip start pursuing a way to stay over for the whole summer the next summer.
  • Date Owain

    Met Owain in Wales and started dating in September. Distance was too hard, and he was too busy so it was a mostly mutual break up (though I was hit more emotionally). We remained friends.
  • Date Ryan

    Date until May 4th, 2007. Break all boundaries, have sex. Was told I was loved and then had that verbally retracted. Would cause problems later with trusting new relationships and almost cause me to break up with Casey.
  • Promiscuous

    Start hooking up with coworkers, trying to validate my self. Whether I was attractive or not. Also about control. I used them and wouldn't allow them to use me as Josh had.
  • Missin trip to Wales

    Spend two weeks in Wales. James accepted Christ, and I physicaaly experienced spiritual warfare through the journey.
  • Kelli moves down

  • Vista becomes official church

    desire to be as uninvolved as possible though. Leave early and talk to no one. After a few months though, start feeling loved and desire for friendships.
  • Spiritual depression

    Completely exhausted, didn't know how to reenter my routine and became spiritually depressed. Started filling my life with sexual pursuits and relationships.
  • Date Josh

    Emotionally abused, self esteem hurt. Broke boundaries, but did not have sex.
  • Get involved at church

    I teach sunday school classes, and eventually meet Casey through it all.
  • Date Kevin

    Start kind of dating Kevin, never official. The way he broke it off though was to stop talking altogether to me when he moved to A&M in July. Was shunned by him for having sex, haven't experienced grace yet for my sin.
  • Date Casey

    He allows me to experience grace for sin, and tells me it will never hurt him as it hurts me. He loves me just the same. Almost broke up because I was afraid of the closeness I felt. But I let him into my life. We didn't kiss till December.
  • Get engaged

  • Get married

  • Hurt for Welsh

    God gave me a hurt for my old Welsh friends and their walk with Jesus. Starting me towards thinking about missions as life.
  • Reconcile with Ryan

    He sent me an email apology after God had given me a dream of forgiveness and I was able to pass grace onto him for everything he did.
  • Calling to missions

    At Jennifer and Andy's house
  • Start pursuing missions

    We started taking a class baout Islamic beliefs and culture. Joined TOAG. Applied for Frontiers.