Jose De San Martin

By bailee
  • Army

    The young Jose enters the army
  • Independence

    Jose who was among the Latin American was ready for independence. The Latin American had to pay high taxes and had no freedom of speech
  • Ships landed

    Jose's ships landed in Buenos Aires to see the Argentine Army that was fighting for independence.
  • Jose

    He is made colonel, forms Granaderos regiment, and marries Remedios Escalada.
  • Defeation

    Jose and his army defeat the Spainish in the Battle of San Lorenzo.
  • Crossing the Andes

    Jose was appointed commander of the Northern Army. He was ordered to to attack the nehboring region controlled by Spainish.
  • Promotion

    Jose was appointed commander in cheif and captain general of the Army.
  • Another defeat

    He beats the Spainish again in the Battle of Chacabuco, Chile.

    Chilean independence is won during the Battle of Maipau
  • beginning of the liberation for Peru

    San Martian has plans to liberate Peru, so he resigns from the Argentine Army
  • lima is cptured

    Peru"s capital, Lima is captured by san Martin
  • The meeting and the death

    San Martin and Bolivar meet, the liberation of Latin America is left up to Bolivar and San martin retires. Jose's wife Remedios , dies.
  • The departure

    San Martin leaves for Europe with his daughter.
  • The final battle

    Jose de San MArtin dies in Bolougne-Sur-Mer, France.