Events in my life

  • Period: to

    My birth untill now

  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    I celebrated my first birthday. Not that I remember it. I think my mom made a pretty big deal out of it though. Sometimes I wonder what i got for presents. ( :
  • First day of elementary school

    First day of elementary school
    My first day of kindergarten, full of crying kids and kids needed help from the bathroom. I was the ONLY one not crying my head off. I was standing there like I was in a room filled with crazy people. But some of these crazy people later becamemy best friends..
  • First best friend

    First best friend
    I met my first best friend Rachel Huang.She knew everything I was thinking of and we would spend hours talking on the phone about random things. She really completed me!
  • Started horseback riding

    Started horseback riding
    I took my very first horseback riding lessons. I still riding now! Honestly, if I never started I don't know what I'll do. I love it and it's my life. No joke. I love my riding school and it's my second home.
  • First dog

    First dog
    I got my first puppy named Sparky. He is a jack russell terrier, and he is an absolute angel, sometimes. He makes me smile and laugh but he also gets me pissed sometimes. But I never get mad at him for more than 1 hour. (:
  • grade 8 graduation

    grade 8 graduation
    I graduated from Port Royal public school in scarborough. Not many people know there, as it is in scarborugh. That school was a good school, not amazing, but my friends there made it worth going to everyday.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    My first day at Richmond Green secondary school.
    I was so scared of getting lost. I was really nervous because I cannot make friends for nothing. But, now that all the awkwardness is gone, its all right,
  • Met Nikita and Ali in Family studies

    Met Nikita and Ali in Family studies
    Who knew that they'd be one of my good friends? Ali and nikita are one of a kind. (: