my life

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  • My birth

    I was born on the 19th of September in the year 1994 in Mexico.
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    my life

  • Learned to walk

    I learn to walk but strangely I never learned to crawl. I don't know the exact day but it was in june.
  • First day of school

    The first day of school ever, is the day that chaged my life. No more sleeping in, no more naps, no more snacks. I don't remember the exact date. I'm a bit confused if it was the year '98 or '99. The First day was one of the worst school day of my life. I cried when my mom left me at school I cried when she came back because she left me.
  • The birth of my little sister

    This was a major life changing part of my life because now I have someone to share my parents with and someone I can be a role model for.
  • First time seeing my grandfather

    This is the first time I saw my grandfather and the first time that he saw he since my parents and I immigrated from Mexico. My father talked to me about him and I was just itching to meet him. I will never forget the big smile in his face when he saw me for the first time in almost a decade( I was nine at the time). I know want to know when he will come back to visit.
  • Mile High Scholar

    This was a great day for me and my school life. The whole city of Denver recognized my school work even though I was third grader. My parents were very much proud of my academic achievement and so am I.
  • The Historcal Moment of my life

    The Historcal Moment of my life
    The day that President Obama was sworn in as president is the historical moment of my life. He was the first African American president in U.S. History. He fulfilled Martin Luther King Jr.'s, John f. Kennedy's, Robert Kennedy's, and even Tupac Shakur's dream of having a black president. Just as RFK sais that within the next 40 years there will be a black president.
  • First day of High School

    This was a monumental day for me as I started High School but even more I was going to CEC. The same school that I told myself I was going to when I was a first grader. So I accomplished my goal.It was such a hard transition for me. In a way I felt like I went from the little leagues to the big leagues. It was such a hard transition for me.
  • Family Reunion

    This is an important day of my life because for most of my life I never really saw much of my dad's side of the family. That was until the death of one of my dad's uncles The funeral was in New Mexico. I got to meet so many of my family even members that I didn't even knew about. The sad thing is that it took the death of a member for everyone to come together.