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The Life of a Connor

By 7213
  • birth

    I think that it is safe to say that I would be very different if this had not happened.
  • Got a Doggie

    Got a Doggie
    We got a dog when I was 4, and he is a very stupid dog. He is one of my favorite pets, despite having the size and brain matter of a squirrel. This dog was one of the main reasons that I love animals today.
  • First bike

    First bike
    Like most of my possessions, my first bike was a hand-me-down. However, it still worked, and my dad and I spent hours on that bike, trying to get me to balance, and the day when I finally did, we were both overjoyed.
  • First time out of US

    First time out of US
    THis was the trip that spurred my interest in traveling. When I was 4, my family went to England for a little over 2 weeks, traveling all over the country.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    Like everyone else, i was shy on the first day of school, scared of the other kids and the teachers' too-large smiles, but now i am fairly used to all of the above.
  • Grandpa died

    Grandpa died
    When my grandpa died, I was very sad. Before that I didn't really understand death, making this quite influential.
  • Bad bike crash

    Bad bike crash
    When I was 7, i was going down the hill near my house and used the front brakes first, cuasing me to faceplant, dislocating my jaw, tearing open my chin, and chipping my teeth. It was NOT fun.
  • switched schools

    switched schools
    After second grade, I switched from Lab School to Tavelli Elementary. I left all my friends to go to a new school, ALONE.
  • Got an ipod

    Got an ipod
    This may make me sound like a total nerd, but getting an ipod really changed me. Since then, i have listened to a LOT more music, for example.
  • Graduated from Elementary

    Graduated from Elementary
    I was so happy when i graduated from elementary that i sprayed silly string allover my teacher.i had finally escaped that prison..... but entered another. middle school.