Internet Safety

  • Birth

    I was born to wonderful parents and immeditately learned to smile at an early age.
  • Something Special

    Something Special
    My mom always told me I was special. At an early age you could tell there was definitely something special about me.
  • The Cool Years

    The Cool Years
    It is quite obvious by looking at the attached photo that I was extremely popular. Clearly, my unique gift of fashion and the love of automobiles catapulted me into a very successful college experience.
  • The happiest most golden day of my life.

    The happiest most golden day of my life.
    Marry my wife and then sitting down enjoying a Big Mac, fries and a medium drink for only $2.99 was a wondeful experience I may never forget.
  • Period: to

    The Work Years

    I spent a lot of years working...
  • Happiness

    True happiness has been achieved now that I have joined the Technology Team at Bowling Green City Schools