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Timeline of Teaching Events

By jbfree
  • First Day of Kindergarten

    Ms. Owings used the Magic Ruler to "lead" her around the classroom (which included a boys bathroom) to "find" all the letters of the alphabet.
  • Mom starts work at Montgomery School

    When my brother entered 1st grade and I entered 2nd, my mom went back to work teaching Special Ed at our school. While my mom always encouraged me to do what I wanted to with my life, I'm sure her career as a teacher aided in my eventual career choice!
  • Fourth Grade Graduation.

    At this point in my life, I want to be an actress. (Ha.) This is significant because I always had crazy ideas of my future career but my second choice was always a teacher. ( :
  • First experience with a Bad Teacher

    Seventh Grade. I don't remember her name but I remember for her coldhearted nature and lack of sympathy or flexiblity when I had knee surgery and missed a week of school.
  • First Day of 10th Grade English w/ Mr. Tinsley

    Favorite teacher ever.
  • First Day of 12th Grade English w/ Mr. Tinsley

    I got to experience a second year of English with my fave teacher. The year I really loved learning literature and appreicated having a great teacher.
  • High School Graduation

  • The Day I Became an Education Major!

    Rough estimate of the date when I officially changed my major from Advertising & Journalism to English Educaiton. This luckily coincided with the scheduling of classes for Spring Quarter and the deadline for the CARE Program, an cohort of students focusing on democratic education. This progam became the backbone of my initial and much of my current personal pedagogy.
  • Undergrad Graduation

  • Student Teaching in Merida, Mexico

    I participated in the Corsortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) because I wanted to do something different that would give me teaching experience and a personal challenge. This did both and I loved it.
  • First Teaching Job--Lakota Ridge Junior School

    Long-Term Sub teaching 8th grade Honors Language Arts. This position cemeted in my mind my desire to teach high school students and never junior high ever again. It's a slight miracle I even stayed in the education field.
  • Federal Hocking HS/Teaching Fellowship at Ohio U.

    9th grade English and Creative Writing. GREAT school located in a rural, low-income area with great masterminds of educaiton working there.
  • Master's Graduation

  • AACTE's Day on the Hill

    Shortly after graduating with my Master's, I was invited to accompany a group of administrators from my college to AACTE's Day on the Hill in DC where I actaully lobbied for funds for education, furhtering my understanding of the "higher" issues of education.
  • Hired at Tallwood!

    I was hired roughly a week before TOCLI began but just in time to get started teaching here in VB!
  • Becoming a SCA sponsor

    This is possibily my favorite part of teaching. I LOVE being the class advisor for 2013!
  • Today.

    Working on my eTeacher certification!