Psychological Developments in my Life

By bur0079
  • Birth

    At this point for obvious reasons i have no psychological development.
  • Period: to

    Egocentrism Develops

    I was a very egocentric baby, often crying when things didn't go my way, like many other children of my age i could not understand the restrictions on what i wanted.
  • Period: to

    Animism Develops

    Apparently i used to refer to my toys as "hurt" whenever they didn't work as they were supposed to.
  • I start crawling.

    I start crawling independantly, motor function starts developing, my brain develops to understand concepts such as depth perception.
  • I start to walk

    My view of the world becomes less constricted, understanding of basic problem solving develops.
  • I start attending kindergarden

    Kindergarden ment socialising with other children on a much larger scale than ever before, which meant the start of development of social skills and etiquette.
  • I have my first day at school.

    I stop going to kinder and begin education, this marks the beginning of my intillgence being developed.
  • I make my first friend at school

    I make my first friend at school, Aaron smith, starts to develop the ethic of being a good friend and also the dependancy on the feeling of belonging.
  • First sleepover

    I slept over at a friends house for the first time, this was (for what i can remember) the first night i had spent with the absence of a family member, I got homesick the day after, which was most likely a physical manifestation of the psychological trauma that occurs when something that has been consistant for 9 years of your life is suddenly not there.
  • My Grandad Dies

    My grandad passes away, altough i had seen death portrayed in the media this was the first experience i had where death adversley effected me, it made me more aware of the limited time we have.
  • Period: to

    I start exploring my beliefs in religion.

    For these 3 years i openly admit to being a christian, i think that this is more due to the fact that the society i am growing up in is largely christian and i didn't really think for myself.
  • Period: to

    I revert to being Agnostic

    As i enter a stage in my life where logical thought becomes increasingly prominant, i rennounce my faith and start to wonder about the truth religion again.
  • Universal Ethical Thought Develops

    I affilate my development of universal ethical thought with my rejection of religion, it marked the day i stopped looking for sources to tell me what to think and started forming my own opinions on matters.
  • Period: to

    I declare myself Atheist.

    After much thought on the subject i decided to listen to what logic and reasoning was telling me, and end my affiliation with any religion revolving around a deity (religions such as budhism i still agree with, as to me they seem more like a schools of thought than a methodology of worship). This stage is ongoing, probably until the day i die.
  • I begin to listen to music

    I discover music, before this period in my life (it is still ongoing) i had art classes, but these were always just for fun, painting pictures etc. When i actually start to listen to music i start to realise the inherent beauty of the creation of art not in physical manifestations such as paintings but in the talent and skill shown in the structure and execution of songs.