5 Things

  • My Sister

    My sister told me that from the minute she knew I was in my mom's womb , she always loved me. She was the only one in family that knew that I was going to be a girl, the rest of my family thought I would be a boy. My sister always helps me through all the rough times, and I am always with her in her hard times. And my sister will always be with me. She has a kind heart and is very smart. She always influences me.
  • Swimming

    I was very young when I first learned how to swim. I always had my floatys on but I loved the water because it made me feel free, but I only wanted to swim under water, not above. So then I took off my floatys one day when my family and I were swimming, and began to swim. At first, I thought I was going to drown, but I was swimming underwater . The water always calms me down,and I feel like if I can trust te water. Swimming changed me because it teaches me when to relax,and when to be forceful.
  • My Oldest Dog.

    My dog, Gordo, is the longest dog I've ever had. I've had a lot of dogs before but all of them passed away. Gordo is a kind, loyal dog and he teaches me responsiblity. He is 9 now, so it might be one day his time to come, too. But that doesn't matter, he will always be with me. He always knows when to attack and be kind. Thats were I can sometimes be kind, not agressive.
  • Clarinet Class

    When I first learned clarinet, I thought it would be no big deal, but it is. I love music, so I get to express it through my clarinet.
  • Owls

    I first got interested into owls when I was in fifth grade, and had to do a report on them. Owls are nice and unique, like me in a way.
  • Talking To the Moon and Stars

    The moon and stars sometimes help me calm dwown, or relieve from stress. The moon to me, is a symbol of faith, that even in the darkest times, you will always have tons of brightness to look forward to. And the stars are like hope, you can never have too much of it or how bright it is, just as long as their is. I also sometimes think aloud to them and stare at them out he window. These help me relax.