Emily's Timeline

  • Emily is born

    Emily is born
    God "blessed" my parents with me. Little did they know that i'd be a handful...
  • Emily is baptized

    Emily is baptized
    My parents chose to induct my into the Catholic faith. God lead me from there.
  • Abby moved next door

    Abby moved next door
    Abby became my best friend. God led her to me so I can have her as a friend and know that I can rely on her for anything.
  • First day of Preschool

    First day of Preschool
    My parents chose to send me to a preschool. God helped me not miss my parent while I was at school. I also met a girl named Ashley, who became my best friend for 2 years.
  • Aunt Jean dies

    Aunt Jean dies
    Aunt Jean died in the hospital. She was one of my favorite aunts. I wasnt sure what was going on when she died. I was only 5 years old.
  • Emily's dog Shadrach dies

    Emily's dog Shadrach dies
    Shadrach was the best dog ever. My brother was taking him for a walk and he collapsed. He carried him home and that night, my dad came home with only his collar. God gave me the strength to get through the loss of my dog.
  • The Twin Towers Crash

    The Twin Towers Crash
    This is the day that hundreds of lives were lost. God helped me understand that so many people died and that I need to pray for them.
  • Emily gets a puppy!!!!

    Emily gets a puppy!!!!
    On Christmas morning, I walk into my living room and there sat the cutest, fuzziest, most adorable puppy in the world. We named him Auggie.
  • Andy Geil dies

    Andy Geil dies
    Andy Geil was my brother's best friend and he was like a brother to me. God called Andy back to heaven. My family was crushed. God helped us and the Geil's through this hard time, We still cry about it from time to time.
  • Emily's cousin, Molly is born.

    Emily's cousin, Molly is born.
    Molly is my cousin's daugther. I got to hold her before she was even 24 hours old. She is possibly one of my best friends and she is a mini-me. God blessed me with her to know how much of a handleful I was when I was little.
  • Cosi

    At St. William, they take the 5th and 6th graders go to COSI up in Columbus. I had so much fun. and i learned alot.
  • Failed first test

    Failed first test
    I was so very upset about failing this test. It was a math test with Mrs. Foster and i totally and completely forgot how to do this math. God made me fail so i should to try harder.
  • Grandpa's Surgery

    Grandpa's Surgery
    My grandpa had vascular surgery that then got massively infected and was unable to heal because he is diabetic. So they had to cut his legt off from half way up his calf down.
  • Reuniting with Jackie at Grade School Band

    Reuniting with Jackie at Grade School Band
    Jackie and I were best friends in first grade, she was in kindergarten then. In 7th grade, I started grade school band at Elder. Jackie was there. We re-became best friends. I think God is telling me I need her in my life.
  • My 13th Birthday

    My 13th Birthday
    i became a more mature person. God helped me to grow into a teenager instead of staying a child.
  • Meeting Becker

    Meeting Becker
    Mariah Becker and I met through my friend Jackie, God led me to be friends with her because she is the funniest friend I have. everyone needs humor
  • Got my Fish, Pearl

    Got my Fish, Pearl
    Getting Pearl gave me a new sense of responsibility. She was all my own. I had to feed her, and clean out her tank and everything. God was telling me I needed to grow up.
  • Confirmation

    I got confirmed with the name Martha, after my grandma Seibel. I chose
  • Becoming friends with Allison

    Becoming friends with Allison
    Allison was my seciton leader last year and I roomed with her at band camp. It's amazing how close people can get in just one week. God blessed me with her as a friend.
  • Becoming friends with Shanna

    Becoming friends with Shanna
    Shanna and I are in Elder's marching band. We met at band camp and we bonded really well.
  • First Day of High School

    First Day of High School
    God helped me get through my first day of high school with out too much hassle. even though it was a very bad day.
  • Becoming friends with Mark

    Becoming friends with Mark
    When I first met Mark, I hated him. He somehow got my number and started texting me annoyingly alot. And if it werent for that, i wouldnt be friends with him.
  • Emily's dad moves to New York

    Emily's dad moves to New York
    My dad lost my job and the closest and best opportunity to make a decent amount of money was in Queens, New York. This was one of the biggest times I needed God to help me through the missing presence of my dad.
  • Surprise Dad on his birthday

    Surprise Dad on his birthday
    My family took a trip up to New York to surprise my dad on his birthday. We didnt want him being alone on his birthday or on Father's day. God allowed us to save enough money to go.
  • Starting Sophomore Year

    Starting Sophomore Year
    God found a way for me to go to Seton again for my Sophomore year. My family is going through a really hard time and I almost had to go to Dater.