Joshua M Grossman

  • A baby was born.

    A baby was born.
    An baby boy was born today, His parents Michele And Gary had their third child, and it was their first boy.
  • Period: to

    My life

  • Day Care before kindergarden at Nazarine

    Day Care before kindergarden at Nazarine
    My first day of any type of school, was when i was 4 years old. And it was a church located about two miles from my home. My parents wanted me to get used to school before i entered kindergarden. I have heard many of stories about how hard i made it for my mom to leave when she came into the church to drop me off. i would throw a temper tantrom and cry like a baby.
  • My parents got divorced.

    I was to young to remember my parents as a married couple, so ever since i can remember they were never together. I guess thats a good thing. Im not shure though.
  • Grade school begins

    Grade school begins
    Thanks to my parents sending me to preschool, i had no trouble starting kindergarden, atleast none that i can remember. ha
  • A brother was born.

    A brother was born.
    Nicolas Yoshida was born and he weighed 7.2 Lb. I love him to death. i wouldent change a thing.
  • Another brother was born.

    Another brother was born.
    When i herd talk of a second child, i was a little nervous. But i look back now and i see no reason to be nervous. Everything turned out ok, i love him just as much as the first. His name is Bradley yoshida, he weighed 7.8 Lb when he was born.
  • Got my first job. it was a good one.

    Got my first job. it was a good one.
    I got my fist job with a family friend that fished commercially to make his living. It wasent an easy job, but the money was really good. I wouldent really call it fishing, but that is the proper title, it is really crabbing. Fishing for bluecarb.
  • 8th grade graduation, time for high school.

    8th grade graduation, time for high school.
    When it came time to graduate, I was soo ready. i couldent wait to get into highschool. But now that i am a senior, its not all its cracked up to be, just a big waist of 4 years of my life.
  • Workin at Running deer now also.

    Workin at Running deer now also.
    MY buddy that lived across the street from me landed a job at running deer, a glof course. somthin like two weeks later he told me to go apply becouse they hired him on spot and they were looking for more. So i went down there, put in an app, and within the next week i got called down for an interview. All went well and i have been working there for a god year and a half now.
  • Got our dogs.

    Got our dogs.
    Gizmo and Taz Are now part of my family. They are papillons. They are two of the most inteligent dogs i have ever been in contact with. they are the greatest.
  • Taking senior health at cumberland regional.

    All i got to say about this one is, i love Mrs. Lang =)
  • The End

    by this time i will have landed the job that i will be happy with for the rest of my life. Hopefully! If not, ill worry about that when i get there.