• Jan 1, 1198


    The crusade is ment to held in jerusalem but instead is at Constantinople. the capital of Byzantine Empire taken over and then held by latin rulers until 1261
  • Period: Jan 1, 1198 to Jan 1, 1207


  • Aug 1, 1198

    start of crusade

    pope innocent lll decares start of the 4th crusade
  • Dec 1, 1198

    taxes introduced

    A tax is introduced in churches to pay for materials for the fourth crusdae
  • Jan 1, 1199

    political crusade

    a political crusade is launched against Markward of Anweiler.
  • Jan 1, 1199

    berthold dies in battle

    Berthold, Bishop of Buxtehude (Uexküll), dies in battle and his successor Albert arrives with a new Crusading army.
  • Feb 19, 1199

    Teutonic suit

    Pope Innocent III creators and assigns all Teutonic Knights to wear a costume, white tunic with a black cross
  • Mar 5, 1199

    Teutonic Knights

    the Teutonic Knights reform as build an army in a ceremony at Acre in Palestine
  • Apr 6, 1199

    richard l lionheart

    Richard I Lionheart, king of England, dies from an arrow wound
    Richard was a leader of third crusade
  • Jan 1, 1200

    promoting crusade

    French soldiers gather at the court of Theobald III of Champagne for a tournament. Fulk of Neuilly will promote the Fourth Crusade
  • Jan 1, 1201

    count theobald dead

    Death of Count Theobald III of Champagne, son of Henry I of Champagne and original leader of the Fourth Crusade.
  • Jan 1, 1201

    treaties are made

    Even while negotiating with Europeans on a price for transporting Crusader to Egypt, Venetians negotiate a secret treaty with the sultan of Egypt,
  • Nov 1, 1202

    christians in venice

    Christians on the Fourth Crusade arrive at Venice but end up getting contained after confusion
  • Period: Nov 19, 1202 to Apr 13, 1204


  • Nov 24, 1202

    a victory for chrstans

    After just five days of fighting, Crusaders capture the Hungarian port of Zara
  • Jan 1, 1203

    move to constantinole

    Crusaders abandon the city of Zara and move on Constantinople
  • Apr 6, 1203


    Crusaders launch an attack on the Christian city of Constantinople.
  • Jun 23, 1203


    crusaders enter Bosphorus.
  • Jul 17, 1203

    byzantne falls to crusaders

    Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, falls to Crusading force
  • Apr 11, 1204

    attacks on constantinople again

    After months of not being paid by constantinople governments they launch an attck on them again
  • Apr 12, 1204

    regain constantinople

    The soliders of the Fourth Crusade capture Constantinople again and satart up an Latin Empire of Byzantium
  • Jan 1, 1206

    theodore l lascaris new emperor

    Theodore I Lascaris becomes the Emperor of Nicaea and
  • Sep 4, 1207

    the death

    Boniface of Montferrat, leader of the Fourth Crusade and founder the Kingdom of Thessalonica, is ambushed and killed by Kaloyan