The Middle ages

  • 476

    Odoacer king of Italy

    End of the Western Roman Empire
  • 481

    King Clovis I crowned

  • 500

    Clovis I converts to Christianity

  • 511

    Clovis I death - kingdom divided among his 4 sons

  • 518

    Justin I accession

    Re-establish relationship ending 35-year
  • 526

    Easter Tables

    Published by Dionysius Exiguus
    Proposes the AD system
  • 527

    Justinian I become emperor of the Byzantine Empire

  • 534

    Justinian Code

    Created by Justian I
    Basis of modern legal law
  • 564

    Justinian I dies

    Peak of his kingdom
  • 570

    Pope Gregory I becomes secular

    expands papal power
  • 610

    Heraculis emperor of Constantinople

  • 632

    Death of Muhammad

  • 674

    Arab's attempt to conquer Constantinople fail

  • 687

    Pepin II unites Frankish kingdom

  • 700

    Greek replaces Latin as oficial language

    Eastern Roman empire
  • 732

    Battle of Tours

    Charles Martel defeats Muslim army - halts Islam conquest in Spain
  • 751

    Carolingian Dinasty founded

    Pepin III succeeds Charles Martel after being certified by the Pope
  • 772

    Charlemagne succeeds Pepin III

  • 789

    First Viking rain on England

  • 795

    First Viking rain on Scotland

  • 800

    Pope crowns Charlemagne at St. Peter's

  • 800

    Romanesque style of architecture develops in Frankish empire

  • 843

    Treaty of Verdun

    Charlemagne's grandson divides the Frankish empire
  • 867

    Basil I founds Macedonian Dynasty

  • 906

    Magyars start settling in Hungary

  • 959

    Edgar unites England

  • 962

    John XII crowns Otto I

    Charlemagne's empire becomes the Holy Roman Empire
  • 975

    Arithmetical notation adopted from Arab

  • 987

    Capetian Dinasty founded

    by Hugh Capet
  • 1002

    Umayyad caliphate in Spain desintegrates

  • 1010

    Gothic style of architecture begins

  • 1016

    Canute unites England, Denmark and Norway

  • 1025

    Byzantine Empire greatest extent reached

    by Constantine VIII
  • 1031

    Beginning of Christian Reconquista

  • 1035

    William I becomes duke of Normandy

  • 1035

    Northern empire divided

    Canute divides the empire to his 3 sons
  • 1050

    Beginning of Agricultural Revolution

    Adopts astrolabe from Arabs
  • 1072

    Gregory VII becomes Pope

    Foreshadow the conflict between the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire
  • 1077

    Henry IV seeks end of excommunication from Pope Gregory VII

  • Period: 1095 to 1099

    First Crusade

    Issued by Pope Urban II
    Indulgences granted
    Philosophy, science, literature, art, astronomy brought back by soldiers
  • 1098

    Antioch and most of Syria captured

  • Period: 1119 to 1312

    Knights Templar

    Founded in the Holy Land after the 1st Crusade
    Warrior monks lead by Hugues of Payens and Godfrey of Saint-Omer
    Poverty, Chastity and Obedience + Protect the Chistians of the Holy Land
    Highly trained, formidable fighting force, excelled at heavy cavalry tactics
    By mid-12th century the order was incredibly wealthy & powerful
  • 1120

    Baldwin recognizes the Knights Templar order

    Grants them a face in his palace to the south of the Temple of the Lord
  • 1144

    Zangi, Mosul governor captures Edessa

  • Period: 1147 to 1149

    Second Crusade

    Issued by Pope Eugene III
    October 1147-Turks annihilated Conrad’s forces at Dorylaeum
    Christian defeat Damascus forces at the end of the Second Crusade
  • 1148

    Battle of mount Cadmus

    Knights Templar prevented total annihilation of Louis army
  • 1150

    Knights Templar banking system introduced

    Organized a banking system for Christian pylgrims
  • 1152

    Frederick I king of Germany

  • 1177

    Battle of Montgisard

    Knights templar defeated Saladin's forces
  • 1187

    Saladin conquers Jerusalem

  • 1187

    Battle of Hattin

    Saladin seized Jerusalem
  • Period: 1187 to 1192

    Third Crusade

    Lead by Frederick Barbarossa, Phillip II of France and Richard Lionheart
    Christian failure to recapture Jerusalem
    Treaty signed - unarmed Christians can visit the Holy land
    Kingdom of Jerusalem reestablished
  • 1189

    Richard Lion-hearted succeeds Henry II

    Preparation for third crusade
  • 1191

    Battle of Arsuf

    Richard Lionheart defeats Saladin
    Knights Templar commanded the vanguard
  • 1199

    Richard Lion-Hearted dies

    Accession of John Softsword
  • Period: 1200 to 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    Issued by Pope Innocent III - Crusaders diverted their mission to put Alexius IV to power in Constantinople
    Alexius was killed in a coup in 1204
    Fall of Constantinople ended this crusade
  • 1204

    Fourth Crusade

    issued to recapture Jerusalem
    Pope Innocent III recognizes Otto IV as emperor
  • 1209

    Cambridge University founded

  • 1213

    Fifth Crusade

    Issued by Innocent III
  • 1215

    Carta-Magna sealed

    by King John
  • Period: 1219 to 1221

    Fifth Crusade

    Launched to save the Holy Land by Pope Innocent III
    Crusaders attacked Egypt and were forced to surrender to Muslim
  • 1220

    Frederick II crowned Holy Roman emperor

  • Period: 1228 to 1229

    Sixth Crusade

    Frederick II gained peaceful control of Jerusalem through negociations
  • 1232

    Inquisition established in Touluse

    Papal inquisition - only 2 witnesses needed
    if found guilty and after 90 days didn't repent burnt at stake
  • Period: 1248 to 1254

    Seventh Crusade

    Organised by Louis IX of France
    To conquer Egypt - Failed
  • 1259

    Treaty of Paris

    Louis IX cedes lands to Henry III
  • Period: 1270 to 1271

    Eighth Crusade

    Organised By Louis IX
    Aim: aid the remaining Crusader states in Syria
    Redirected to Tunis - Louis dies
    Edward I of England makes another expeditions but also fails
    last significant crusade
  • 1274

    Death of Thomas of Aquinas

  • Oct 13, 1307

    Jacques de Molay Arrest

    King Philip IV of France was in debt with the Templars and wanted the order to be destroyed.
    Many Templars were arrested with de Molay
    de Molay was the last Grand Master
  • 1312

    Council of Viena

    The Pope Clement V disbanded the order of the Knights Templars completely
  • Mar 18, 1314

    Jacques de Molay death

    After being tortured de Molay confessed to heresy and was sentences to death.
    On the stake, before being burnt alive he retracted his confession and said that God would punish the king of France
  • Nov 29, 1314

    Death of Philip IV

    After having a hunting accident Philip died in France the same year Jacques de Molay did.
    Some say de Molay's curse came to fruition
  • 1337

    100 Years War begins

    Scots ally with French¡
  • 1346

    Battle of Crécy

    French defeated by the English
  • Period: 1348 to 1349

    Black Death

    Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Britain, N. Africa and C. Europe infected
    Widespread Jewish persecution in Germany
  • 1356

    Battle of Poitiers

    French defeated by English
  • 1360

    Treaty of Brétigny

    Ends phase 1 of the Hundred Years War
  • 1380

    Bible translated to vernacular

    by John Wyclif
  • 1396

    Treaty of Luelinghen

    Ends 2nd phase of the Hundred Years' War
  • 1397

    Banking founded in Florence

    By the Medici Family
  • 1398

    Hussite Reformist movement begins

    leader Jan Hus
  • 1432

    Joan of Arc burnt at stake

  • 1453

    End of Eastern Roman Empire

    Ottomans conquer Constantinople