• birth of me

    This is the day I was born. My parents were both 19 years old and I was 7 and a half pounds.I was born at Deaconess hospital at 9:23 A.M. This displays infancy, the point from birth to two years old.
  • Hide and Seek

    When I was little I had a great sense of humor. My mom said I was a little stinker and was always pulling pranks on her or my sister Keri. We went to Chuck E Cheese and I was in one of my moods. In the Sensorimotor stage where infants know the world mostly in terms of their sensory impression and motor activities. Well, I decided to hide from my mom for 5 minutes in the bottom of the ball pit and not move. She got in to make sure I was ok and to get me out when I jumped out and scared her.
  • Hospitalized

    One of my childhood memories was when I was 3 and I got put in the hospital. I was very sick, and I was dehydrated. The thing about this event is that I remember a lot about it. I remember what the room looks like, where everyone was sitting, and that my sister was wearing a Pocahantas dress and hat. It was very scary, and I freaked out. All I wanted was to be with my mom, I had a major attachment to her meaning an emotional relationship between 2 people that progressed through this experience.
  • Chinese Fascination..

    Weirdest day ever,including postconventional moral reasoning, judgements derived from a persons own moral standards. In China, blonde hair is not typical. So, one day on vacation this Chinese couple came up to my parents and decided they were so fascinated with my blonde hair they just had to take a picture. As weird and freaked out as I was, I took the picture and they were so excited to be able to go back and show their friends a "little person" with blonde hair. I remember that day.
  • Daddy's little helper!

    When I was 4, I was very independent. I had a very high self-esteem meaning value or worth that people attach to themselves. I thought I could do anything and get away with it and I was always trying to do everything for myself. One day, my dad was working on our play room and I decided I'd put on my pink tool belt I got and put his tools in it. I told him that he could leave because I was gonna finish the playroom and better than he did!
  • Spice obsession!!

    When I was 5 years old, the big thing was Spice Girls. It was a HUGE part of my childhood, which is the point from my 2nd birthday to adolescense. I was obsessed, I had dolls,books,stuffed animals,and movies. Every single day my mom said that I would come home dress up like baby spice and dance around my room with their CD blaring. It was my first concert also. :)
  • Stitched up!

    When I was 5 years old, I started allstar cheerleading. There was always a lot of people at practice. More like a crowd, or big group of people that share attitudes and group identity. Well, at my 9th practice we were all running back and forth on the floor for conditioning and someone cut me off. I got tripped and my head landed on a concrete block. I didn't cry which shocked everyone, but I had to get stitches on my forehead and now I have a scar.
  • Dance Breakout :)

    Preconventional moral reasoning, level of moral development in which moral judgements are based on fear of punishment or desire for pleasure. So, I'm in the middle of the mall in Indianapolis, I'm in a hyper mood. My mom is just waiting for me to do something that will get me in trouble as she's aggravated with how I'm hyper. So, just for her I decide to randomly break out in dance and song without caring whose around or who hears me just to embarass her. I wasn't worried about punishment.
  • Clavicle #1

    The beginning of summer, I had cheer practice! We picked our stunt groups and started stunting. My group was pretty good, but when trying new stunts we need a spotter. We decided to go without one and they dropped me. My reflex, which is a automatic unlearned response was to put my arm down to catch myself. When I couldn't, I fell on my shoulder. I finished practice in pain because I didn't think it was that bad. After practice I went to the ER and found out I broke my Clavicle.
  • Fall Fest Fun

    When Fall Festival time comes around, everyone in Evansville and surrounding countys get excited for the food.A group of my friends got together to make up a dance for the talent show. Conventional moral reasoning which describes the judges to make judgements based on conventional standards of right and wrong. We actually made it passed the judges and performed that year and it was so fun to be infront of all those people and just dance away. We didn't win,but it was a great experience for us.
  • Brace Face!

    I ended up having to get braces when I was younger. Only for my front four teeth and only for a few months but I was so scared. When I was younger I thought that being in the cool group was a must. Cliques, or small exclusive group of people with in a large group was what I wanted to be in. I thought that when I got braces my group wouldn't want me in it and would kick me out or be mean. They didn't, but being a brace face was one of my worst fears.
  • Clavicle #2

    After my last experience with my Clavicle, I started being as cautious as possible with stunting. The one day, I wasn't there goes Clavicle #2. It was more of my group trying to persuade me to try a new dangerous stunt, and of course I gave in. Peer pressure was the factor, meaning the pressure from my friends to conform to their own goals,attitudes,and behaviors.
  • Atlanta Bound

    So, my cheer team has originated off a team in Atlanta. The team in Atlanta has made it to the biggest cheer competition called WORLDS. The team in Atlanta asked for 5 kids from our team to come help out and I was one. It was great getting to meet all the people and compete with them. But, before I got to my mom was very strict. She said I had to keep my grades up and keep my room clean the entire time. Strict meaning I do what she says or I don't get to experience WORLDS again.
  • Metal Brace :/

    As you get older and your body starts to change, things get tougher. Every little adolescent growth spurt, which is a sudden brief burst of physical growth during which adolescense typically make great gains in height and weight. Every inch and every pound just made every skill and pass harder. I was trying a trick I had for a few months after a spurt I fell, but my knee landed off the mat on the concrete. My patella was to the side and tore tendons, I got put in a huge metal brace.Cheer Cheer!
  • Jetski disaster!

    As a new jetski rider, my dad tells me two things.Don't get behind a barge and don't get too close to the rocks on the side.Going through puberty, I'm a little frustrated with everyone and don't wanna listen. Puberty is a period of sexual maturation. So, as we ride out I make sure of the two rules. As I go out on my own I hit a huge wave and go about 5 feet in the air, when I come down I am about 3 feet away from the rocks. I turn quick and got thrown off my jetski in the middle of the lake,