The life of Cody Powers

  • Day I entered the world

    On this day at 12:00 in the afternoon, I was born. Thus beginning my infancy. BEHOLD, I AM BORN!!!!!!
  • Who let the dogs out

    The era that I became an avid dog lover, from then on, nearly all dogs are my best friends. Which contributed to my motor development in that they played with me.

    I took great affinity in toys and action figures, I tried to make everything interactable with my toys. This helped me to develop a sense of attatchment, which would become prominent in the years to come. I don't really recal how many things I put attatchment to.

    The day I discovered the phone. I would walk around the house with a disconected phone that we had and just put the phone to my ear. And when they took it away when I was bad, so I experienced separation anxiety.

    The era I discovered the wonders of JUNGLE GYMS!!! I experienced contact comfort when my mother would take me there. Sadly I am too big to play at the jungle gym.
  • Mr. frosty

    I made my first snow man. I thought it was a living thing and I experienced stranger anxiety. I tried to run away crying, but my mother calmed me down.
  • GAME ON!!!!!

    The era I discovered video games. I guess you could say I experienced object perminence with video games. Because to this day I have not stopped playing video games.
  • Picaso, eat your heart out

    I discovered my art craze, and I am loving it. This helped me with my self-esteem issues as a kid because I had only a hand-full of friends. And I wanted more of them, but there weren't enough to go around.

    I learned about my Native American heritage
  • The show must go on

    I watched my first old time movie, It was a john wayne flick, I dont remember which one.
  • Its all greek to me

    The day I learned about the wonders of greek mythology
  • To be or not to be, what kind of a question is that?

    I began to take interest in shakespearian plays
  • To be greater than Stephan King

    The era I found a great passion for writing and telling stories. I am currntly working on my first real attempt at writing
  • The big 18

    The day I became legal
  • You will find wisdom in knowing that you know nothing

    I found a love of philosophy on this day.