Project 9A: Personal and Family Timeline

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  • Mom and Dad Get Married

    Mom and Dad Get Married
  • Jake is born

    Jake is born
    My older brother, Jacob Scott Pugh, is brought into the world to forever boss me around and pick on me whenever possible. I love you, Jake!
  • Carly Suzanne Pugh is introduced to the world!!

    Carly Suzanne Pugh is introduced to the world!!
    I was born as the most attractive baby they ever saw at Mobile Infirmary of Mobile, Alabama, U.S. ;)
  • My first Christmas

    My first Christmas
  • Jake's first day of school

  • Chloe Pugh is born!

    Chloe Pugh is born!
    My first first cousin is born! I was so excited to finally have a baby cousin to play with.
  • My first day of school

  • Carly writes her first story

    Carly writes her first story
    Not exactly sure of the date, but not much longer after I learned to read, I was writing stories. I vaguely remember one of the first being about a mermaid.
  • Carly's first horse

  • Carly is home-schooled

  • Turbo Pugh is introduced to the family

    Turbo Pugh is introduced to the family
  • First day of high school

  • Jake graduates high school

    Jake graduates high school
  • Jake goes to college

    Jake goes to college
    After graduating Jackson High School and receiving multiple scholarships and a walk-on position on Auburn University Montgomery's baseball team, Jake goes to college.
  • Carly performs the title role in the musical "Annie"

    Sadly, I do not have a photo of myself in that adorable red wig! :( But, I was "Annie" in my high school's version of the musical. I got to star alongside a few of my friends and perform everyone's favorite Broadway song: "Tomorrow".
  • Carly is invited to travel to Europe with P2P

    Carly is invited to travel to Europe with P2P
    People To People Student Ambassador Programsin July of 2006, I received a letter inviting me to travel to 6 countries of Europe (England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Switzerland) as a student ambassador for three weeks. It was the beginning of an opportunity of a lifetime!
  • 3 Weeks in Europe!

    3 Weeks in Europe!
    I am not going to say that I did not occasionally get homesick..because I did. I had the time of my life in Europe. We got to visit Henry VIII's Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London and were briefed by a Member of Parliament (in a meeting that was not brief, however.) We stopped at Stonehenge on our way to the overnight ferry that took us to Caen, France. From there we visited Normandy and met with its Governor. Next was Paris, the city of my dreams!
  • Carly begins her first novel

    Look for it out soon! Details posted later!
  • Carly leaves for Europe

    Carly leaves for Europe
    Along with 34 other high school students and four adults, I left Mobile Regional Airport en route to Atlanta where we then flew to London, England.
  • Week Two in Europe

    Week Two in Europe
    After Paris, we were off to Belgium where we ate the best chocolates in the world, took a carriage ride, and played in the rain. Next was Holland. First we stopped at Kinderdijk where we rode bikes through a windmill park and had a picnic. We visited a dairy farm and got lots of cheese. Next was Amsterdam, where we took a boat ride and then visited the home of Anne Frank. I experienced a new found love for the Diary of Anne Frank and the persecution of the Jews came to life.
  • Week 3 in Europe

    Week 3 in Europe
    After leaving Holland, we travel to Germany. We got to visit Frankfurt, Cologne and its cathedral,and a few other places before being assigned host families. Mine was so amazing! After that we had a scavenger hunt in the city of Heidelberg. Next was Breitnau, which is closer to the Alps so it was cold! We then travelled to Switzerland and the Alps and bobsled before coming home.
  • Carly is out of High School! Woohoo!

  • Mom and Dad celebrate 25 years of Marriage

  • Carly goes to college!

    Carly goes to college!
    University of South Alabama HomepageI started out as a Freshman at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL, U.S., studying foreign language until I changed my major to Secondary Education and Literature. I currently happen to love my school!
  • Carly and Jessica become best friends

    Carly and Jessica become best friends
    I'm not sure of the exact date Jessica and I started hanging out, but we quickly became best friends and still are.
  • Carly decides to become a teacher

    Carly decides to become a teacher
    I decided to change my major to education after attending a seminar and also tutoring students in English and History for about five months.
  • Jake graduates college

    You can visit his page to see his skills here:
    My brother graduated from Auburn University Montgomery with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing.
  • My big brother gets married

    My big brother gets married
    Jake and Sarah Pugh pictured at left cutting their cake as husband and wife :)
  • Ana Jones becomes a member of the Pugh family

    Ana Jones becomes a member of the Pugh family
    My brother's wife has a beautiful daughter named Ana, whom my brother brought into our family and is now my niece. :)
  • Dr. Strange's EDM310 Class

  • Carly turns 21

    Carly turns 21