My amazing life!!!

  • Its a boy!!1

    Its a boy!!1
    My mom said she didnt have me in c-section like her twins but I was still painful.
  • I do!!!

    I do!!!
    John F Kennedy Jr marries Caroline Bisset
  • Y2k was Crazy!

    Y2k was Crazy!
    Everyone thought computer were going to break down because it turned 2000.
  • Terrorist attack!!!

    Terrorist attack!!!
    The twin towers were crashed into by a hijacked plan and we were attacked. The pentagon was also atttacked the same day!
  • Rosas dead? :(

    Rosas dead? :(
    Rosa park dies and will be well remembered for her bravery and fight over slavery.
  • Suddam Hussein excuted!

    Suddam Hussein excuted!
    The man was a major terrorist and really didn't like america he was a criminal and sentenced to death.
  • Patriots can make history! 16-0 Regular season

    Patriots can make history! 16-0 Regular season
    The patriots beat the giants in a outstanding game and hold a NFL record for most games won in a regular season.
  • My President is black!!

    My President is black!!
    Barack'O Bama is elected president and is going to help the United States become a better union.
  • Cedar rapids is flooded!!! :(

    Cedar rapids is flooded!!! :(
    Water overflows from the river and floods downttown and other parts of the city.
    Estimated day but correct year and month.
  • Middle School??? Yes!!!

    Middle School??? Yes!!!
    My first day at middle school was great! It wasn't hard or anything and we met a lot of new people that are good friends now.
  • Mumbia terror attack !!!

    Mumbia terror attack !!!
    Gunment kills thousands of people and bombs homes.
  • Adopted

    Getting adopted was a great feeling it felt as if I was in a better place and I felt safer.
  • First cell phone!!! yay!

    First cell phone!!! yay!
    I just got in the car getting picked up from the pool and my mom had bought me a phone. It wasn't the greatest, but I was happy.
  • I am officially a Iowa Barnstomer!

    I am officially a Iowa Barnstomer!
    It was my first tiem playing with the barnstormers and they wanted me to play with them the rest of the season and tryout the next year so I did and now I am a 2 year barnstormer.
    Estimated day but correct month and year.
  • Left for Vegas!!!

    Left for Vegas!!!
    My basketball team and I left off to go have a great time and the gambling capitol of the world!
    Estimated day but correct year and month.
  • An Airplane?? Awesome!!!

    An Airplane?? Awesome!!!
    My first time ever flying in a plane was going to Vegas, and it was a great experience.
    Estimated day but correct year and month.
  • Get them out of there!!!

    Get them out of there!!!
    50,000 troops are pulled out of Iraq from Obamas orders.
  • Black ops!!!

    Black ops!!!
    World's best selling game comes out and everyone is ready to see just how good the game really is..
  • 3 in a row!!! Lets go!

    3 in a row!!! Lets go!
    Iowa Barnstormers basketball 8th grade gold team, we won our third tournament in a row and feeling really good about our team!