Samantha's interesting life

  • I was brought in to the world.

    I was brought in to the world.
    It was cold because it was jan. It was 10:41 A.M. My mom and dad were at dinner, they then had to rush to the hospital.
  • Good-Bye

    'love thy neighbor" closes at booth theater in NYC
  • Period: to

    My life

  • I become a sister

    I become a sister
    My little sister is one of a kind. We are really close somthimes and really far apart other times.
  • World trade towers hit

    World trade towers hit
    everybody stops what they are doing and wtaches the tv. People with loveones stop and pray. People lose there family, friends, and people they did not even know. what a sad day for all.
  • John was born

    John was born
    I have a little brother he is so cute. We only get along have the time but i have to love him.
  • Started School

    Started School
    The first day is always scarey but i mad it thought.
  • We move

    We move
    We moved only down the street so i did not have to say good-bye to all my friends.
  • Lance Armstrong beats his record

    Lance Armstrong beats his record
    "History in the making." Lance Armstrong wins his record 7th stright Tour de France.
  • Rosa Parks dies

    Rosa Parks  dies
    We lost a great person one who fought for what she belived in.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    People los tevery thing family, houses, and food.
  • China's 7.9 earthquake

    China's 7.9 earthquake
    People in china are not doing very well.
  • Cedar Rapid Flood

    Cedar Rapid Flood
    Many people lose there home to water. Still many people with out homes.
  • 1st year at camp

    1st year at camp
    Dateis an estmaite but year is right. what a week. Full of fun and games.
  • First African President

    First African President
    He is the first of his kind to bcome president. He has set new heights.
  • Washington Metro Station Crash

    Washington Metro Station Crash
    People may have lost love ones.
  • Micheal Jackson dies

    Micheal Jackson dies
    People lose a legend. People are sad and wonder what happened.
  • Got braces

    Got braces
    Had some teeth that need to be fixed. Was painful at first.
  • Broke my ankle

    Broke my ankle
    On easter i slide of of the mary-go-round at go my ankle stuck under. Had to get surgery.
  • Got Sandy

    Got Sandy
    Our little puppy loves to get in to things she is not suppose to but she is so cute.