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Kristens life

By aberela
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    Kristen Thompson's life

  • My first birthday

    My first birthday
    I was born september 15 2000. I have a sister who is one year older than me .I was born my on my aunts birthday . My aunt always used to say that I stole her birthday.I was born in the morning which is weird because I never was a morning person.
  • Walk ,Talk and crawl

    Walk ,Talk  and crawl
    When I was two I began to start to walk and talk. Most of the words the I said sounded like a made up words . My sister went to a resturant when I was two with my family .She put a napkin on her head and said dbeta . In her made up words that means thet she wanted water. The waiter was very confused .I had a little toy that you pushed around almost like a walker to teach me how to walk . It made little balls bounce around inside of it when you pushed it .
  • Pool

    When i was two it was my first time went in a pool. Of course i could stand up and it would be below my knee .Me and my sister put 50 plastic balls in it. When we started to get a bigger pool we wont put a little slide in it.Me and my sister onlys liked to go out with buckets and fill them up with water and take our dolls out and make belivie that the buckets were swinging pools for the dolls. We would pour the left over water on each other. One time I ruined a doll by droping her in mud.
  • New pet

    New pet
    When the two cats died we had no pets for a while. When one day my sister wanted to know what a building we were passing in the car was. It was a pet store. We came home with a cat who was a male and we named him max. We named him max because at the time my favorite show was max and ruby.
  • preschool

    I started preschool. It was afternoon classes. I met my friends Annalise,Emily,Jillan,Fransica there . My favorite toys there were the dinosaurs and fake oven. I would always ge t mad when i was playing with the dinosaurs and the boys would take them away. then I would play with the fake oven . We had arts and crafts everyday there.It was cool cause they called you over and you did it with one other person.We had snack time every day . Mosty we just ate animal crackers .
  • Kingergarden

    I started St. Johns Lutheran when I was 5. I was very scared but i was happy when i saw Annelise and Emily.The teacher was very nice. What I used to do at resses was I made bunny drawings because there was a bunny club. when I was little my favorite animal was a bunny.
  • New pet again

     New pet again
    My aunt gave my family a cat when I was 6. She found the cat . We named the cat ruby Like max and ruby the t.v show.It was still my favorite show at the time. We got the cat around my sisters birthday . The cat does not like to be picked up but she wont bite you.Ruby likes to have someone follow her around the house peting her or play with her.
  • communoin

    I recvied holy communion when i was 7. I took classes every tuesday after school .The classes were around two hours because we had to do our normal class which was an hour and a half of an hour. We stayed there pretty late practiceing how to do it . The girls in the class had to wear white dresses . A good part of it was it was right after school so we had buger king every tuesday .I got my picture took before I went in church.after church we went to my grandma's house to have a party.
  • town meeting

    town meeting
    My class has a town meeting when i was 8. It was about the desert. We also had one on dinosaurs . It was fun .The town meeting was after school and not everyone came. The first town meeting there were so many people wacthing us and a little less then 10 people in the gym that night when there was more then 15 the class
  • Pool and car

    Pool and car
    My family gets a new Pool . It is a big pool that is one of the permit pools. We got a car too. The car is a greenish blue color. It is bigger than our old car.We drove down to florida in that car. We thought thecar was huge compared to our other one. It we also got a new sofa and painted my parnets bedroom and my bedroom.
  • DOG!

    My family got a dog in the month of june 2000. She is a german shepard, boxer , and a little lab. Her name is Sandy. We got her at a shelter. The people there say that they found her out side there door . They found the people she used to live with and they said they don't want her anymore .And we adpoted her. I think is wrong for someone to just leave her like that. She has big ears and big paws . She aways breakes her toy a few mintunes after she gets them .Even the toys made out of rubber .