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Question 7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

By WebStar
  • First Day.

    First Day.
    I did not know a thing about Media, filming or the programmes used.
  • Period: to

    Question 7

    Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  • Learning Terminology.

    Learning Terminology.
    Today I learnt my first useful Terminology. On my blog,, I put a post about the 3 main terms that I needed to use for my first film. These were very helpful and let me develop my understanding of the terminology which then helped me produce a better film.
  • Learning Potential Hazards.

    Learning Potential Hazards.
    Today we learnt about health and safety when filming. This was very usesful and I did not know that I should have been aware of these specific Health and Saftey points whilst using a camera and filming. This helped me when writing my other Heath and Safety table for my Title Sequence.
  • Making A Storyboard.

    Making A Storyboard.
    Today I learnt how to create a storyboard, in order to do this I had to write about what shots I would be using, what actions we will be carrying out and if there is any dialogue. I also learnt how to upload photos of the camer and onto the computer system and then insert them onto the storboard.
  • Preliminary Production Video.

    Preliminary Production Video.
    Here I did a basic video including some of the terminology I had learnt. At the time I thought the video was really good, which it was for my first piece of filming, but when looking back I could see obvious improvements that needed doing before I filmed my Title Sequence. Some of the improvements I needed to make were; Take lots of different shots and probably more than I need so that I can use them as extra's if need be. Learn from my mistakes and when panning make sure is smooth.
  • Evaluation Continued.

    Evaluation Continued.
    I have managed to take this step because I have learnt all the knowledge behing the filming, how to use it properly, know exactly what it means and so therefre I am able to write a successful evaluation and know what I am talking about.
  • Evaluation.

    When comparing my evaluation from my Preliminary task and the evaluation for my title sequence, there is a BIG difference. My first evaluation is about two paragraphs, it just explains and describes how I thought it went, what techniques I used and how I carried out the shot at a very limited level. My Title Sequence evaluation is very detailed, uses lots of media, explains in more detail, Is split up into several questions so that all points are covered.
  • Learning More Skills.

    Learning More Skills.
    During November we had several lessons learning more skills and also learning how to start our research into our title sequence. This was very useful as before we did not know how to research and what to research. We learnt about the Jicnar scale and how to get our target audience right down to what they eat and what they do in there spare time. Pin point information like this has been useful in preparing our research on our title sequence.
  • Working throughout November and December.

    Working throughout November and December.
    Through these two months I was not very well and so therefore was not able to do alot of the work on my blog. Instead I looked through my notes and was able to add more ideas and develop a timescale in which I would complete my research and filming. In future I would deffinately add extra filming time into my timescale as some days that we were supposed to film we couldn't get everyone together because of snow and other commitments.
  • Working On My Research.

    Working On My Research.
    Over the Chistmas holidays I uploaded my research work to my blog. This included several posts about my audience, how I was going to film and outfits. I made an audience profile which really narrowed down my target audience almost to a group of individuals. This was a new skill to me as I had usually just generalised my target audience. I uploaded this with Prezi which was also something new to me which I was able to learn about and use.
  • Working On My Research Continued.

    Working On My Research Continued.
    I picked out my own cast, added photos of them and wrote down the why they were picked and how they will be used in the title sequence. This was a new skill as it would not have been something I would have done and didn't do in my first film. I looked at existing title sequences and analysed them, this gave me an insight into what I should include in my own. When filming again I know to look at more title sequences so I can get more varied ideas.
  • Filming.

    When we started filming we had many problems such as; not having enough cast, not enough shots and not enough time. But we will learn from our mistakes for next time and we did learn from our previous mistakes when filming this one so we had learnt new techniques and better camera control and filming skills.
  • Experimenting.

    I think we learnt from doing the preliminary task to experiment using the programmes and getting the shots correct and the timing in our own time. This meant we were not under pressure to get it right first time when doing the real filming as we had already practiced.
  • Finished!

    Today I have finished my coursework, looking through this timeline I can see a range of ways that I have learnt and improved my skills from then to the full product.