Luke Vickers :D

  • BIRTH!!!!

    I was born at Pitt Memorial Hospital, at 2:03 AM
  • Period: to

    The Life and Times of Luke Vickers

    I do believe the title is pretty self explanatory.
  • Had my tonsils removed

    All i can remember is seeing my parents standing by the window in my hospital room and trying to get up to go to them, only to suddenly, and quite painfully, realize i had an IV drip in :D
  • Started going to Tenderly Teachings in Ayden

    I met a few of my best friends in life there.
  • My dad died

  • Moved from our house in Ayden to Winterville

  • Moved from Winterville to Greenville

    Moved into our log cabin on the outskirts of Gvegas :D
  • Got my first guitar

    75$ at a Costco in Charlotte. Acoustic.
  • Watched the New Year's celebration at the Eye in England

  • My mom married Byron :D

  • I learned how to cook eggs!!!!! :D

  • Discovered my hatred for ....harlets?

    Eh.. harlets isnt exactly the word i wouldve used... but since this is for school... :)
  • Got my first Ipod

  • Braces: ON

  • Realized i dont handle excessive joking very well

    Long, LONG, story short, my best friends at GR Whitfield basically turned on me and started making fun of me, mainly about me liking this girl, who i didnt like, and i up and left the school and went to Ayden Middle. So yeah.
  • Got my Xbox 360 XD

  • I met my sister!!

    2nd semester, we both had gym. We talked for a little while, then she randomly declared i was her brother.
  • Met Madison

    Most amazing girl EVER. period.
  • Got my les Paul electric

    Les Paul Model 100 electric guitar and a Johnson amp. Not the best, by any means. But, for my first electric guitar? The best i couldve asked for.
  • Waited until the last minute, well, day, to do this timeline

    Because i'm a slacker :)
  • Braces: OFF