Writing Goal Johanna

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  • First Day :)

    First Day :)
    Today was the first day I wrote in my journal. From my time today, ti was really nice to just sit down and write about my day, and how I felt. I'm starting to understand that it's really important to share your thoughts with yourself. I love reading, and when you read about different characters in books, you feel as if you know them, and learn about them. For me journal writing is just like making myself a character in one of my books, and I get the sense that I'm learning about who I am.
  • Day #2

    Day #2
    Today was my second day of writing in a journal. Today I wrote a lot of about the events of today which included my rock climbing lesson at Cliffhanger. I am already finding that I look forward to writing each night, and ponder what I'll write about all day, as to make sure that I share everything.
  • Day #3

    Day #3
    I am already glad that I chose this goal, and hoping that I'll keep doing it. I'm really enjoying it, and recommend it as a quiet time to sit down and write. I find myself either writing about what I did today or explain my reality or simply put down any thoughts of the moment. Let's hope I can avoid all obstacles and continue my goal without interruption. Today I wrote about getting my braces off, how it will take a while to get used to a retainer and get rid of my current blabbering language!
  • Day #4

    Day #4
    First break. So I haven't written for 4 days, which is my first break so far. I think I'll start writing on Tuesday-Saturday, for 5 days a week, because I think that's likely the time I will work most well to, but I'll try a few different agendas, or just decide to write whenever, so there'll be a little experimenting.
  • Day #5

    Day #5
    There is another thing I want to work on. I've noticed that I almost seem to plan out what I want to write, or how to explain, as if it's school work. I want to be able to just write without thinking of punctuation, or any spelling. I need to be able to just write to myself.
  • Day #6

    Day #6
    I found the image placed for this event on the internet, and it gave me an idea. I've actually just started to get into painting as my grandmother bought me some paints, and I thought I could use them to perhaps paint in my journal, it would certainly add some color, so I'll try it out soon.
  • Day #7

    Day #7
    Today my family and I are up at my cabin. It's very quiet, and I'm actually sick, so I get the cabin pretty much all to myself. It's a lot easier to write when there isn't a bunch of noise around you. I think I'll try and get into a quiet place when writing at home so I can concentrate on writing, and nothing else.
  • Day #8

    Day #8
    I've begun to notice when I write, I seem to write only one page. I feel as if I have a limit, when I really don't and need to get past that to just write as much as I need and can. I don't want to limit myself to my thoughts.
  • Day #9

    Day #9
    Today when I wrote, I tried to find a quiet place to write, but didn't really have any luck. So instead I tried to listen to music with earphones to block out the noise while writing. It worked quite well, so I'm going to try doing that a bit more and see what I like the most and what I think works best.
  • Day #10

    Day #10
    I'm still thinking about a sort of writing agenda. The only thing is that then it seems like it's all planned and forced, not that I actually want to do it. But it'd be nice to know when I have to write because it might encourage me to remember. If I did have a schedule it'd ideally make sense if I wrote on Monday-Friday during the week, so I'm going to try that out this coming week.
  • Day #11

    Day #11
    The only thing about journal writing, is that it takes a minute to convince yourself to just get up and do it. But once you do that and just start writing it's easy. I hope that it'll eventually get to the time where I don't have to tell myself to do it, and I'll want to do it all the time.
  • Day #12

    Day #12
    Today wasn't as much of writing about what I did today, but random thoughts I happened to be thinking. I reread it after, and it's really just a bunch of nonsense, but I suppose it doesn't have to make sense, because it's only me who reads it.
  • Day #13

    Day #13
    Today I was able to write an entire page on one idea. You have a lot more thoughts than you think, and they will fill up this journal pretty quickly I think, if I write continously. Though I normally write about the events of my day, I enjoy writing more about thoughts and thinking, so I think I'll start doing that a bit more.
  • Day #14

    Day #14
    Today was a bit of a blur, so when it came to journal writing, I got complete writer's block. I had absolutely had no idea what to write about, so most of my page today just says 'I HAVE NO IDEAS'. I have to begin paying more attention to what happens during the day or this goal will be more challenging than it should be.
  • Day #15

    Day #15
    Writing isn't hard, expecially when I don't have to worry about editing and grammar mistakes. The only time it's difficult is when you can't concentrate on what you want to say, because soon enough as you concentrate you get into writing, and before you know it's done. So all I need to remember is to concentrate.
  • Day #16

    Day #16
    I'm still finding it a challenge to constantly remember to write. But I also find it difficult because as I know that I've agreed to write 5 days a week, every day when I almost get myself to just do it, I think that I can just do it tomorrow. On this coming Monday I want to try and convinve myself to write everday so that I know I have to. Let's see how it goes. . .
  • Day #16

    Day #16
    I really need to work on just doing it, because I have forgotten for the last 3 days and I really need to start doing it, so it eventually becomes ordinary. I have to keep working at it.
  • Day #17

    Day #17
    I can't believe I've forgotten to write this week too. Because of this I only have 5 days to write left this week. So I'm going to just write these last 5 days and then next week I WILL write everyday, and if I end up being unable to convinve myself to write everyday, then I'll keep going with 5 days a week of writing.
  • Day #17

    Day #17
    Okay, it completely didn't work with my idea of trying to write 7 days a week, so I'm dropping that. I'm finding it more and more difficult to remember to write, and am really only writing about 2 or 3 times a week, so I really need to work on that. This goal is harder than I thought it would be.
  • Day #19

    Bettrer than before. I'm still only really getting to four days a week, but I'm feeling a lot less stressed about it. I'm starting to be a bit doubtful about achieving this goal, but I suppose that I'll have to prove myself wrong.
  • Day #19

    Bettrer than before. I'm still only really getting to four days a week, but I'm feeling a lot less stressed about it. I'm starting to be a bit doubtful about achieving this goal, but I suppose that I'll have to prove myself wrong.
  • Day #18

    Day #18
    This goal is becoming a real hassle, and hard work. I keep worrying about how I ddin't write that day or something or other, and have decided that I'm going to act as if I'm just starting. I'll try and keep it fresh. So let's restart and see if I can keep going.
  • Day #20

    Still finding it immensley hard to keep this going. Right now we have a lot going on in class, which makes it more difficult. I'm still finding hard to keep writing even 4 days, but let's hope this will last.
  • Day #21

    Day #21
    I keep forgetting! I think I've only written twice this week! I'd like to try and write everyday from now till monday, because our class is going to camp, and I'm not bringing my journal, so that's already 3 days with no writing.
  • Day #22

    Day #22
    The time for goal setting is almost over. I really haven't been writing as much as I hoped, I think only about 2 or 3 days a week now, so I still haven't achieved it, but I'm close. From today I only have 19 days left before the end of school, which is when I'm going to stop writing on this timeline despite the fact my timespan goes to the first of July. In 19 days of writing I need to write about 12 days, I'm really close, so i'll try my best to write 5 days a week till the 28th of June.
  • Day #23

    Day #23
    Life is busy, because school is almost over, which means grad is coming up, and following that the end of school. There is a lot to do which makes it hard find time to write but I've managed the last 2 days, and found it a huge relief to forget about whatever is happening in school and home and write. I need that time, so I'm going to work hard to get it.