My Life

  • Birth

    I was born on June seventh, 2005 and a fun fact about myself is that I was born a day early
  • I Went to Disney World

    I Went to Disney World
    I went to Disney world but I dont remember it
  • My First Day of Kindergarten

    My First Day of Kindergarten
    My first day of kindergarten was crazy, I remember just thinking about meeting new friends
  • White Sox Baseball Game

    White Sox Baseball Game
    I read so many hours to go to this baseball game with my brother and it was awesome
  • Cancun

    I went to Cancun for my cousins wedding and it was great, I had so much fun there
  • Packers Game

    Packers Game
    I went to Lambeau Field for a Packers game and it was very cold
  • First Day of Middleschool

    First Day of Middleschool
    I wasn't really that nervous for sixth grade but it was fun
  • SCET

    It was great for me to get invited to scet where I am considered one of the smartest kids in the school districts elementary schools
  • My Grandpa Dies

    My Grandpa Dies
    It was a very sad time for me becuase my grandpa was a great person
  • Baseball Hall of Fame

    Baseball Hall of Fame
    I went to the baseball hall of fame and it was great
  • I see my Grandma When She Turns 80

    Even though I go down to Mississippi every year this one was different becuase my grandma turned 80
  • Golf

    I will enter to the golf team in high school becuase golf is a fun sport
  • Wristling

    I was suckered into thinking about wrestling and since I want to play baseball it will keep me in shape
  • My First Day of Highschool

    My First Day of Highschool
    Even though I am not there yet I will be very excited for this day
  • I play baseball

    I really want to get on the baseball team and I feel like I can
  • I graduate high school

    I graduate high school
    Graduating high school will be great for me becuase I will get be on my own and think about college and work like that
  • Prom

    Even though I really don't care for prom my mom will probably want me to go
  • Last year of Baseball

    I will try out for the senior high school baseball team and hopefully get visited by some scouts
  • College

    I will plan on going to Michigan to study programming and journalism probably on a scholarship for sports
  • I graduate college

    I graduate college
    I graduate college with a degree in programming and journalism for a backup job and I enter the MLB draft
  • Baseball

    I will go directly to the major leagues and play for Atlanta and be an average rookie
  • I get my home

    Since I was drafted by Atlanta I will move to Atlanta
  • Married

    I will hopefully get married when I am playing baseball
  • My kids

    I will hopefully have kids and at least a son that wants to play sports
  • I retire

    I will hopefully retire from baseball after an average six-season career and go do my backup job as a programmer or journalist
  • Programming

    I will hopefully get a job as a computer programmer at a big company
  • My new home

    Since I am retired now forever other than doing sports stuff and charities I will move to Arizona
  • Sports Caster

    Sports Caster
    After I hopefully become a hall of famer I will retire from my programming job and become a sports caster
  • I become a hall of famer

    I become a hall of famer
    I won't be a first ballot hall of famer but I will be at least a first twenty ballot hall of famer
  • My kids go to college

    My kids go to college
    My kids will go to college and the one that plays sports will hopefully go to Michigan like his dad
  • I become unretired

    I will get a call from a minor league baseball team to be their coach and I take the job
  • My kids graduate from college

    My kids graduate from college
    My sports kid will play baseball like his father and everyone else will do something great for the world
  • I retire again

    After four seasons of coaching I will retire again
  • I move again

    I move again
    Hillary Clinton will run for president and then I will move to Cancun Mexico
  • I die

    My accountant steals all of my money and moves to Hawaii and then I die from a trip and fall down the stairs and then my kids with their succesfull lives gives me a proper burial without going bankrupt