My Life Goals

By johpab1
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    My Life

  • Start to Play Baseball

    Start to Play Baseball
    When I grew up I always liked playing baseball. I wanted to start to play on an organized team and play in a real game.
  • RIde my Own Bike

    RIde my Own Bike
    I wanted to ride my own bike because all of my friends could and I didn't want to be the one who couldn't.
  • WIn the Middle School Basketball Championship

    WIn the Middle School Basketball Championship
    It was important because I love basketball and I was playing agaianst my cousin in the championship. We have always been competitive and love to play eachother.
  • Graduate Middle School

    Graduate Middle School
    I wanted to graduate midddle school so I could move on to highschool and meet new people. Then I could acomplish new things that I have never tried.
  • Finish With a 3.5 GPA

    Finish With a 3.5 GPA
    It is important to me because I like to please my parents and I also want to push myself to have good grades.
  • Get my Drivers License

    Get my Drivers License
    I already took drivers educacion and I have been using my practice permit. I really want to get out on the road by myself and have more freedom and independence.
  • Start at Quarterback on the Varsity Team

    Start at Quarterback on the Varsity Team
    It means a lot because I really work hard at it and I love the sport. I try to strive and be the best one out there.
  • Graduate High School

    Graduate High School
    It is important because I can move on to a college and get a good education. This will help me live a sucsessful life.
  • Go to College

    Go to College
    I want to go to college and get an educacion so I can get a good job and make money. Then I will be able to live a sucessful life.
  • Graduate College

    Graduate College
    I want to graduate college so I can step into the real world and hopefully become sucessful. This is one of the first strps of becoming a true adult.
  • Get my First Job

    Get my First Job
    I become a true responsible adult who is earning an income. I will grow and sucseed to earn a good living.
  • Own my Own Car

    Own my Own Car
    I want to own my very own car so I don't have to use anyone elses and become more of an independent adult.
  • Open my Own Business

    Open my Own Business
    Ive always wanted to own my own business and have people work for me instead of working for them.
  • Get Married

    Get Married
    I have always wanted to get married and live my life with someone. Hopefully I can have a long and healthy marriage.
  • Raise a Family

    Raise a Family
    I want to have a family with my own children and raise them to be sucsessul in the world one day.
  • Expand and Grow my Business

    Expand and Grow my Business
    I want to expand my business and have multiple locations so I can make more money. Hopefully it can grow to even more!
  • Own a Restaurant

    Own a Restaurant
    I have always wanted to own a restaurant because I can be creative and do whatever I want to do with it.
  • Buy a Lake House

    Buy a Lake House
    I want to have a lake house because its nice to get away with family and friends for a weekend and relax.
  • Have Grandchildren

    Have Grandchildren
    My grandparents love to see me and I also want to expirience that love as well with grandchildren of my own.
  • Sell and Buy Our Homes

    Sell and Buy Our Homes
    I want to sell the lake house and my regular house so I can have a nice house to retire in and have as much money as I can going into retirement.
  • Retire!

    When I retire, I want to buy a home in Florida or somewhere warm and live the rest of my life there.
  • Have a Big Family Gathering

    Have a Big Family Gathering
    I would love to have a big family gethering for a holiday with all of my children and grandchildren before I die.
  • Visit All 50 States

    Visit All 50 States
    I have always wanted to go to all 50 states in my lifetime because its fun to travel and it would be a cool acomplishment. My dad has been to 49 of 50, all except for Alaska.
  • Live Util 100 Yars Old

    Live Util 100 Yars Old
    I want to stay very healthy and hopefully reach the age of 100. I want to live longer but I think it would be a cool thing to be 100.