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Life's Creations

By mboys
  • Got a job at V Seagrove

    Got a job at V Seagrove
  • Period: to

    Life's Creation

  • Obama Won the Election

    Obama Won the Election
    He won the election. Obama continued to help the economy we were in an upward spiral
  • Colleges Became Affordable

  • Period: to

    Traveled the States

    Touring college campus' figuring out where I want to go to college after my senior year.
  • First Car

    First Car
    Kia Soul
  • Gay Marriage is now legal in 30 States

    Gay Marriage is now legal in 30 States
    It was legalized due to the fact that Obama became pro gay marriages.
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    I graduated High School. While still playing volleyball my Freshman, Junior, and Senior year all year round.
  • Traveled to Paris

    Traveled to Paris
    I was gathering a photography portfolio as I visited Paris and some of France. I got an amazing shot of the Eiffel Tour. I also vistited the Vel D'Hiv
  • Traveled to Africa

    Traveled to Africa
    I volunteered with a group called ASSITEJ South Africa, while I was down there.
  • Traveled to the UK

    Traveled to the UK
    I went to England and traveled to London and mulitiple places in England as well. I went to Ireland and visited the castles also while I was visiting I took shots to add my my portfolio. I visited Scotland where some of my ancestors are from.
  • Traveled to Italy

    Traveled to Italy
  • Traveled to Costa Rica

    Traveled to Costa Rica
  • Traveled to Brazil

    Traveled to Brazil
  • Traveled to Hawaii

    Traveled to Hawaii
    I surfed Pipeline. But I did not surf in the competition Pipe Masters. Pipe Masters is a huge competition where the best of the best compete. You can only compete if you were invited to this competition.
  • Started College

    Started College
    I got a scholarship to UCSB to play volleybal but I have to pay for part of my college Tution.
  • Got a Job

    Got a Job
    Got a job working at Hotel Oceana, and also Bay Roadhouse Bar and Grill. I am a waitress, bartender, and hostess at Bay Roadhouse Bar and Grill. I work at the front in the check in part of the Hotel, also as a valet. It all depends on what they need.
  • Got another Job

    Got another Job
    I'm an intern for National Geographic. I am learning how to be the best that I can be for my job. I want to be a Photographer. So I decided to take this offer even though it doesn't pay it will pay off in the future and I will be a better photographer. I will also have an easier time finding a job because I will have there references. I do mainly assistent stuff and am learning what to do. I don't travel but I do learn how to take the perfect pictures.
  • Gay Marriage is Now Legalized in 40 States.

    Gay Marriage is Now Legalized in 40 States.
  • Met My Future Husband

    I was at a frat party with my sisters from the Soroirty that I am pledging. Pi Beta Phi.
  • Started Dating My Future Husband

    Started Dating My Future Husband
    Valentines day
  • Re-election, New President.

    Re-election, New President.
    The new president was selected. He began to cancel Obama-care. The new President is a republican. He also planned on cutting the program Planned Parenthood. He cut the program Planned Parenthood.
  • Holograms; Created

    Holograms; Created
    Holograms were finally created. but not open to the public.
  • Unemployment rate increased to 10.5%

    Unemployment rate increased to 10.5%
    August 2011 our unemployment rate was 9.1% and from there on it started to decrease but as we get into the year 2018 the unemployment was at 7.1%, Now just in a little bit of time it has increased up to 10.5% passed what it was in August 2011.
  • Got Engaged

    Got Engaged
    He proposed on our 3rd year anniversary.
  • College

    Stopped making colleges affordable. The prices went back up. Unless you were grandfathered in, meaning that if they were not in college already then the prices went back up, but if you were in college you had to pay the amount that you were paying to begin the years off with.
  • Graduated College

    Graduated College
    I graduated with a bachlor's degree in Arts and Design.
    My fiance graduated with a bachelor's degree in medicine. He didn't end up pursuing his career in Medicine because colleges weren't affordable anymore and he would have had to go through the whole process of reapllying to different colleges, and having to pay the full price of what they now cost.
  • Got Married

    Got Married
    We got married on the beach in Hawaii. It was on Oahu Island in Lanikai. It was a very small wedding that just consisted of my immediate family, and also his immediate family, as well as a few of our close friends.
  • Equal Taxes

    Equal Taxes
  • First Child Was Born

    First Child Was Born
    Matthew was born
  • Moved to Africa

    Moved to Africa
    I joined the organization ASSITEJ South Africa. I kept in touch with them through out the years. Promoting there Organization in California, Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Hawaii. I made awarness groups in each State. Consisting of volunteers that decied to help keep the ages 13-21 years old aware of what is going on in other countries then our own.
  • Got my dream car

    Got my dream car
    Jeep Wrangler Sahera year 2015
  • Got A Job

    Got A Job
    I work for National Geographic, in Africa we started a company there for them and that is where I work out of.
  • My Second Child Was Born

    My Second Child Was Born
    My daughter Rebecca was born in Africa.
  • My Husband got a job

    My Husband got a job
    My Husband became a practicioner in Africa. He helps the people in Africa we use the older ways of Medicine by using herbs and the actual nature.
  • Holograms

    Holograms were finally functioning well and open to the public! But costed a fortune.
  • Flying Cars

    Flying Cars
    Flying Cars were created. It reminds me of the tv show The Jetsons!
  • Music Industry Crashed.

    Music Industry Crashed.
    The Unemployment rate went up to 8.2% Concerts became less fun and more about the drinking and smoking. While police became more involved with the concerts.
  • Home Schooled

    Home Schooled
    Home Schooling my children begin!
  • China Becomes Over Populated

    China Becomes Over Populated
    China starts killing people in the streets because they are so over populated. Massacres begin
  • U.S. Becoming a 3rd World Country

    U.S. Becoming a 3rd World Country
    The U.S. is becoming a 3rd world country. meaning the economy is failing. They are so far in debt with China and Japan, also with the eastern countries because we started buying oil from other countries after Obama was out of office. I didn't keep much up with the U.S. news after I moved.
  • Holograms; Stocks

    Holograms; Stocks
    You can now invest in Stocks, because it was opened up to the public!
  • World War III

    World War III
    It almost began again because a Hitler copy cat tried but he failed. He wanted to end the whole world and start it back up from the beginning but the U.N. stopped it before it rose
  • Economies begin to fail

    Every countries economies begin to fail but they come back a few years later.
  • Africa becomes safer

    Africa becomes safer
    Africa starts to take control of its continent. the countries become well mannered and a government that is a well done government is getting better and being done high class.
  • Gay Marriage Legalized in all 50 States!

    Gay Marriage Legalized in all 50 States!
  • Identity Theft

    Identity Theft
    Becomes huge. Thousands of Articles were written about how they believe that it is a consperacy against our nation. But they later found out that it was a Terriorist gathering information and people and taking there identities and using them to buy weapons in the U.S. trying to frame that one person
  • Cure for HIV

    Cure for HIV
  • Asteroid

    99942 Apophis (Asteroid) Misses the Earth
  • Matthew Graduated High School

    Matthew Graduated High School