A Timeline of My Life

  • The Birth of a Legend

    The Birth of a Legend
    On December 6th, 1998, I was born in Houston Texas. I arrived in the world at Houston Memorial Herman Hospital as the first and last child of David and Linda Morgan.
  • Development of Trust

    Development of Trust
    First time swimming with Dad
    "Trust vs. Mistrust"
  • Startin' em Off Young

    Startin' em Off Young
    I began to develop autonomy starting with mowing the lawn.
    Autonomy vs. Shame
  • Learning how to ride a bike

    Learning how to ride a bike
    This will help me to carry out plans with friends and be independent.
    "Initiative vs. Guilt"
  • Learning to Wakeboard

    Learning to Wakeboard
    Around 8 years old I began to greatly enjoy applying myself to tasks and learning new things. This was when i developed industry senses in the elementary school phase.
    "Industry vs. Inferiority"
  • Participitation in Band

    Participitation in Band
    I developed a sense of identity through my participation in band.
    "Identity vs. Role Confusion"
  • College

    I will be accepted in to the University of Texas's School of Mechanical Engineering. This will influence who I am because the college I go to will reinforce certain morals depending on the college. This will continue to develop who I am as a person.
    "Identity vs. Role Confusion"
  • Serious Relationship

    Serious Relationship
    I will begin forming relations through a serious girlfriend.
    "Intimacy vs. Isolation"
  • More College

    More College
    I will get my MBA from Harvard University so i can be snooty and say Harvard funny.
  • First Job

    First Job
    I will begin my first job as an engineer at Exxon Moble.
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • Bachelor Party

    Bachelor Party
    Bachelor party in Vegas might be too fun.
  • Marriage

    I will marry my best friend As i continue to develop close bonds bonds with friends. This event will forever change me because I will have someone who i care about dearly that i can always go to when I need physiccal or emotional help.
    "Intimacy vs. Isolation"
  • Boat

    I'll purchase my first boat, and old (at this time) 2015 Nautique 210
  • Future Job

    Future Job
    I will fulfill my goals of becoing a mechanical engineering and develop cars for Ford.
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • First Born

    First Born
    Having a child will influence my development as a person becuase I have someone that completely relies on me that I love more than anything. Also babies are super cute and its a little person made of me and someone else I love that I can share lots of memories with. "Intamacy vs. Isolation"
  • New Mustang

    New  Mustang
    I'm going to become the project manager of the new Mustang.
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • CEO

    As the CEO of Ford I will look for ways to give back to communities in the US in order to feel like im contributing to the world.

    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • Senate

    I will run for a chair in the Senate
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • First Grandchild

    First Grandchild
    I will have a grandchild and me and my wife will ask to take care of it for or child all the time because it will be so cute.
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • Mr. President

    Mr. President
    After 12 years in the Senate I will run for President.
    "Generativity vs. Stagnation"
  • Retirement

    After serving two terms as president I will retire to a lake house somewhere. I'll enjoy fishing and boating and will travel the country with my wife in our huge motorhome.
  • Great Grandchildren

    Great Grandchildren
    I'm going to be an old man with great grandchildren who will hopefully visit often, and not think I'm a crazy old fart.
  • Retirement Home

    Retirement Home
    I will reflect on my life in a retirement home and hope that I'm satisfied with my life and all the things I did in that time.
    "Integrity vs. Despair"
    (I'm going to be a pool shark)
  • A Letter - How I want to be remembered

    A Letter - How I want to be remembered
    To who it may concern,
    Sorry i died. I want to be remembered not for my presidency, or my terms in senate, or even as the CEO of Ford, but as the family man that designed Mustangs. My proudest moment of my life has been seeing my children graduate from college and go on to be extremly sucessful individuals. My biggest regret has been that I never got to drive a Bugatti Veyron. Overall I am extremely pleased with the life I have lived and wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Duncan L Morgan