Game of Life

  • Birth

    I was born to Marcela Quiroz and Alberto Magallon as Emma Fernanda Magallon Quiroz in Sahuayo, Michoacan
  • Moving to the USA

    Moving to the USA
    My mom and I moved to the US to be with my dad who was already working and living in LA. We moved into my dad's small apartment in Gardena which is a city in LA.
  • Start of 8th grade

    Start of 8th grade
    My elective was being a TA, it was the best choice for me because I learned organizational skills and how to grade papers I was the TA for Mrs. Peters's 7th-period class
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    3 goals I had hoped to achieve before graduation where...
    1. Make more friends because I had some friends but in most of my classes I had no friends. (I made some but not enough)
    2. Become less shy because everyone said I never talked and that impacted my abilities to make friends and seem more approachable. (I sort of did become more talkative)
    3. Have good grades because I did not want to disappoint my parents. (I sort of did accomplish it)
  • Start of High School

    Start of High School
    I started high school at Rosamond High School. The school is located in Rosamond, California it is also an early college campus.
  • High School Goal #1

    High School Goal #1
    The classes I hope to take are...
    -All the medical electives
    -Advanced math classes
    -ASL/Foreign Language
  • High School Goal #2

    High School Goal #2
    Clubs I hope to be part of by the end of high school are Book Club, Dance, Mathletes, and Debate. I want to be part of these clubs because they sound like fun clubs although I'm not sure some of them are in RHS.
  • High School Goal #3

    High School Goal #3
    My goal for my high school GPA is to have 4.0 or higher, I also am trying my best because I really want to be the class valedictorian when the end of high school comes.
  • High School Goal #4

    High School Goal #4
    One of my personal goals for high school is to be more social, make acquaintances and friends.
  • High School Goal #5

    High School Goal #5
    My final high school goals are
    - to get my drivers license at 16
    -a good job at 16 preferably at a hospital
    -when I turn 18 I want to get a job as a nurse.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Two potential obstacles would be...
    -my procrastination and decisiveness
    -money management and how to pay tuition
  • After High School Plans/College

    After High School Plans/College
    I am most likely going to go to Antelope Valley Community College for a few years then go to UCLA
    My career choice will be a psychiatrist or psychologist.
    I will need a bachelor's degree and a medical degree.
    The average salary will range from $227,907 to $284,510.
  • College Graduation

    College Graduation
    For my graduation, I would love to have my parents and my close family with me to witness the special day, I would feel ecstatic to finish that milestone in life.
  • Life Goal #1

    Life Goal #1
    My first life goal would be to finish my education and get a job as a psychiatrist. I would want to work at a hospital that is owned by the government because they have health care.
  • Life Goal #2

    Life Goal #2
    My second life goal would be to own a home, not a very big house but big enough for me and a dog to live comfortably in a nice neighborhood. It would be welcoming and big enough to have guests over.
  • Life Goal #3

    Life Goal #3
    My 3rd life goal would be to get approved to do foster care. I want to do foster care because I will not get married or have children so I will care for other children who need someone to care for them.
  • Life Goal #5

    Life Goal #5
    My final life goal would be to travel the world. I would love to explore every country and culture possible. I would want to travel with my favorite cousin, we would explore the world, have fun, and live life to the fullest.
  • Life Goal #4

    Life Goal #4
    My fourth life goal would be to retire young. I would want to retire young so I can enjoy life's many gifts and get to waste my money on fun stuff instead of just wasting away and working until I die.
  • Death

    I would like to die at the age of 65. It will hopefully be a quick and painless death. For me, the age of 65 is not too young or too old, since if I live to be older I will most likely experience what comes with old age, the pain of having complications, or when my body starts failing me slowly. But 65 is also not young enough to die with regrets of not doing enough things like exploring what life has to offer.