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Documentary Progress

  • Pitch Project

    This project is an overview of my process and why my film matters. Documentaries usually have an overwhelming large idea that they are trying to spread to the general population. My presentation shows why I am interested in this topic and why other people should care about the topic as well. This first step gives me a launch point to start my project.
  • Basic Research

    This basic research will tell me some statistics about media and how this relates to female body image. I want to start my documentary with statistics, so making sure I have an impact on the audience within the first few seconds is very important.
  • Start looking in to filming B-roll

    I want my film to have a lot of b-roll to have quick cuts, especially in the beginning. This keeps things fast pace and also gives people something else to focus on while also listening to statistics and other people's stories. There has been research done about multitasking to help people focus when listening to facts and statistics, so by having a quick cuts while having the audio of statistics and interviews at the same time will help the audience retain information.
  • Start Creating Interview Questions

    I want to include a few interviews to help the audience understand and hear from several different perspectives of women that have been affected by the media and how their body image has been affected.
  • Finalize Research and Begin Recording Voice Overs

    I plan on recording the voiceovers around this date because I will be able to collect b roll for the opening if I finalize the facts I will be using for this portion.
  • Film B-Roll

  • Begin Downloading and Putting B-Roll Together

    During this time I will be trying to find and film possible b-roll for my film. Since a lot of my five minute documentary will be b-roll this is a very important step. I will want to have the interviews and the voice recording line up with the b-roll playing and have this add to the imagery of the documentary.
  • Begin Working On Film Website

    Creating a website for my film would help marketing to a wide audience to draw attention to my film and grow its popularity. I want to do this early on so that nothing is being rushed.
  • Start Recording Interviews

    During this time I will be filming the interviews for 2-3 people on their experience with social media and their body image and their own personal stories.
  • Finish Recording Interviews

    I want to have the interviews and stories perfected by this time to make sure there is enough time to edit if necessary as well as rerecord if there is any footage lost.
  • Take Photos for Poster and Website

    I want to try and generate as many photos as possible by myself to help add to the authenticity of this assignment and create an essence of the importance of the issue to me.
  • Edit Photos for Poster and Website

    I want to do this soon after the shoot to ensure that it is not forgotten about.
  • Begin Putting Together Film

    I will be finalizing the editing during this time.
  • Finish Film and Get Feedback

    I want the final product to have its first draft done a bit before necessary to make any final adjustments after feedback.
  • Create Movie Poster

    I will be doing this last because I think it will be easier to have the poster embody the film if I know what the final product looks like. This will help me make sure that the poster conveys the right message and tone to the audience just by having them look at it.
  • Finish and Recieve Feedback for Website

    If any last changes need to be made I want to have some time to make them. Finishing the poster and the website around the same time will help with consistency between the two products.
  • Finalize Project and Turn In

    Everything involving this project should be finished and perfected to the best of my ability. Any last minute touch ups should be short and easy.