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Amber Graham

  • Highschool !

    Highschool !
    the first day of highschool was nerve racking, exciting and over all a great experience,
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  • Made new friends!

    Made new friends!
    The first week of school i met Taylor , Jess , Alicia and many more people. Since the first week of grade 9 Taylor , jess and i have become best friends, its like we knew eachother since we were toddlers.
  • Take your kid to work day!

    Take your kid to work day!
    Take your kid to work day showed me what it was like to have a job. Also it taught me to understand and appericate what my mom does for a living. This was a fun learning experience!
  • Acknowledge Award

    Acknowledge Award
    This award was from Mr. Palmer and it was for making a positive contribution to Parkside.
  • Life change in family

    Life change in family
    In the summer of 2013 we had to put down my yellow lab named Chevy because he had cancer.He was part of our family for 16 years and i miss him dearly.
  • Resume Created

    Resume Created
    my goal is to have my resume completed by the end of this semester, therefore i can apply for a job in the new year! This is exciting because i have never had a real job before. Im looking forward to this oppertunity.
  • First Job Interview

    First Job Interview
    By the new year i am hoping to have my resume complete so i can apply for my first job! I am looking to apply anywhere such as Tim Hortons , Mcdonalds, Subway and Berry Hill. I anticipate that i will be very nervous for my first job interview and even more nervous for the result if i got the job or not.
  • personal achievements

    personal achievements
    on my 16th birthday i am going to get my g1 !
  • Special achievements

    Special achievements
    i hope to save enough money to go on the europe trip on march break in grade 11 with all my friends
    Air Canada Website
  • Co op!

    Co op!
    i plan to do co op in grade 11 because it looks good on your resume and its a great learning expericence!
  • Volunteer Hours Completed

    Volunteer Hours Completed
    My goal is to complete my student volunteer hours by decemeber of 2015. I have already volunteered for many activities such as Relay for life-Disbrowes drive for cause and Seniors picnic in the park-in touch theropy. I enjoyed particapating in these events and i look forward to completing my volunteer hours.
  • Highschool Grad

    Highschool Grad
    I will be graduating grade 12 (highschool) with honours and hopfully some kind of award! I might continue on with grade 13 if i can't fit all my courses in that i need and also because both my parents did.
  • personal achievements

    personal achievements
    i would feel accomplished if i had my full license by my 19th birthday!
  • First car !

    First car !
    i will need a car when i move out for university or college, it problaby won't be the fanciest car because i wont have alot of money but it will get me to A to B
    Ford Website
  • Move Out! / university/college

    Move Out! / university/college
    In 2018 i will be 20 and my plan is to move out of my parents house and into a college/ University dorm room. Im unsure of what college or university but here are a some that i am considering, university of toronto, brock university and university of british columbia !
    University of Toronto Website
  • meet new people!

    meet new people!
    During my university/college years i attend to meet new people and create new friendships. Through study groups, parties ,classes and a new job
  • start of career/ relocate

    start of career/ relocate
    i anticipate that i will be finsihed university or college and starting my career of my dreams! i plan to move closer to Toronto because they're more job oppertunities. Therefore i will have to rent/own my own apparment/home for the first time!
  • career advancement

    career advancement
    i would consider branching out to work on my own and be my own boss because it will be a liberating and exciting experience. Also a way to express yourself creatively, manage your time to your own advantage.