Jayson Snearl : Food and Nutrition through the Lifespan Timeline

  • Conception Date

    Conception Date
    The date I was probably concieved by my parents Kelvin Snearl and NaTosha McCrary.
  • Period: to

    Significant Events During Pregnancy

    My mother played basketball for the first 5 months of her pregnancy. First heard heartbeat in September. Names Considered: Jaleel, Jayland, Joshua, and Kelvin.
  • Mother's Favorite Foods

    Mother's Favorite Foods
    Favorite: Chili Dogs with Mustard, Potato Chips, and Ice-Cream.
    Disliked: Cereal, Milk, and Cheese. Principle #10
  • Birth

    My birth date was April 4th, 1996 in Flowood, Mississippi. I was named Jayson Jermaine Khalil Snearl . I was born at 1:04 a.m. , 8 pounds 2 oz, and 20.5 inches.
  • Period: to

    Significant Events during Infant Years

    First Haircut: 2 Weeks before I turned 1.
    Lost First tooth: 6 months (Right Central incisor)
    First Foods: Jello
    Disliked Foods: Pudding and Milk
    Formula Fed
    First Walk: February 5th, 1997
    First Word: Bye (at my House)
    Baptized: May 26,1996
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    1st Birthday at my grandmother's house . Recieved my first basketball goal. I had a Space Jam cake.
  • 2nd Birthday

    2nd Birthday
    At Talladega College above the gym. Stepped with Kappas at a competion.
  • Period: to

    Significant Events during Toddler Years

    Moved to Talladega, Alabama in 1998. Mother coached basketball at Talladega College from 1998 to 2000. Moved to Lithonia, Georgia in 2000.
  • First Baseball Game

    First Baseball Game
    T-Ball Game at Redan Park for the Dodgers.
  • First Soccer Game

    First Soccer Game
    First Soccer game at Wade Walker Park.
  • First Basketball Game

    First Basketball Game
    I played at Luscious Sanders Recreation Center for the Purple team "Jaguars". I was 4 years old playing against older kids.
  • Period: to

    Elementary Schools Attended

    I attended the Kingdom Academy for Pre-K and Kindergarten in Lithonia Georgia. Then I attended Wynbrooke Elementary for my first grade year.Then I attended Sims Elementary in Conyers, Georgia for 2nd through 4th grade. Finally, I attended Pine Ridge Elementary school for my 5th grade year.
  • Period: to


    First Teacher: Ms. Clark (Wynbrooke)
    Favorite Teacher: Ms. Lee (Chamblee Middle)
    College of Choice: LSU
    Favorite Lunch: Fried Chicken with Fries and Strawberry Bananas Principle #9
    College Major: Accounting
  • Made my first lunch for school

    Made my first lunch for school
    Made my first lunch for my first day at Sims Elementary School . I mad a PB&J, Chips, Cookies, Juice, and carrots. Principle #8
  • Started to wear glasses

    Started to wear glasses
    Had to get glasses in 2nd grade. I didn't have enough vitamins so my eyesight is poor. Principle #4
  • Period: to

    Middle Schools Attended

    First I attended Chamblee Middle School during my 6th and 7th grade years . Then I attended Stephenson Middle School my 8th grade year.
  • Got braces

    Got braces
    I didn't take care of my teeth so I had to get braces. Principle #3
  • Got contacts

    Got contacts
    Got rid of glasses and got contacts
  • Made my Middle School Basketball Team

    Made my  Middle School Basketball Team
    Made the Middle School basketball team at Stephenson. I was #44.
  • Got my braces off

    Got my braces off
    Got my braces off at my orthodontist in Conyers.
  • 8th Grade Prom

    8th Grade Prom
    Had my 8th grade Prom at Stephenson Middle School
  • Period: to

    High Schools Attended

    I attended Stephenson High School my 9th grade year. I currently attend Redan High School and I plan to graduate from here in 2014.
  • Made the JV Basketball team in 9th grade

    Made the JV Basketball team in 9th grade
    Made the JV basketball team in 9th grade at Stephenson High. I was #22. Principle #2
  • Set record at FatBurger

    Set record at FatBurger
    Set record at FatBurger for the youngest and fastest to do the Triple King Challenge in Georgia. Principle #8
  • Started Varsity for Redan High School

    Started Varsity for Redan High School
    Redan Varsity Highlights
    Currently starts Varsity for Redanb High School Basketball team . I am currently being recruited by Wingate University and University of North Texas. I was #332 &#52 but I plan to be #2 for my next 2 years.
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    I turned 16. I plan to get a car and license.
  • Favorite Food

    Favorite Food
    Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuits without a doubt ! Principle #6
  • Most Visited Restaurant

    Most Visited Restaurant
    Probably McDonald's because it is cheap, fast, and easy to eat on the go . Principle #7
  • Daily Eating

    Daily Eating
    I eat with my mother every day because she is all I have. Principle #1
  • College/Work

    I plan to attend either LSU or University of North Texas on a basketball and academic scholarship and also the Gates Millenium Scholarship. I will go to college all four years and major in accounting, and then enter the NBA draft. If I don't get drafted, then I will take my degree in accounting and work at Coca-Cola as a Certified Public Accountant or Actuary.
  • Possible Milestones

    Possible Milestones
    NBA (Los Angeles Lakers)
    Acoounting (Coca-Cola)
    2 Sons, 1 Daughter (Jayson Jr., Jordan and Jazlyn)
    Living in California or Georgia
  • Marriage

    Hopefully, I can marry my high school sweetheart or college sweetheart. It would be amazing if she has the love for basketball like I do. She has to have a good career also so I can have a stable household for our children. Principle #9
  • Children

    Hopefully I have 3 healthy kids named Jayson Jermaine Khalil Snearl Jr., Jordan Kobe Snearl, and Jazlyn NaTosha Snearl. I plan for them to have top notch educations and get all A's while also hopefully balancing sports. They will be spoiled but they must deserve and work what they get. I will hope that they all lead successful lives.
  • Major Milestone

    Major Milestone
    If I go to the NBA, the major milestone would be to go to the Hall of Fame. But if I become an actuary or accountant at Coca-Cola, I want to be the executive accountant over that department. Also, hopefully my kids would have graduated from college.
  • Children (Senior Years)

    Children (Senior Years)
    Hopefully they all lead successful lives where they could take care of themselves. But I want them to stay close to home so I can always see them and my grandkids. They will hopefully be healthy. Principle #5
  • Career/Retirement, Travel

    Career/Retirement, Travel
    I would have retired from the NBA. Principle #2 Or I would have retired from my successful job at Coca-Cola. I would have worked there for 30 years and have a wonderful retirement where I can travel around the world at will and hopefully be a millionaire.
  • Dream Car, Business, and Home

    Dream Car, Business, and Home
    Hopefully, I would be able to own as many cars as I wanted but my favorite would be a new Mercedes-Benz SUV. I would live in a dream mansion with 17 rooms and 15 bathrooms, a movie room, basketball court, and swimming pool. I would also give back to the youth who are athletes but have other interests and help exposing them to that.
  • Death

    Most of my family live for a very long time so I predict to live around 80 years old. Principle #9