A Stroke of Kindness: Girl Scout Gold Award Timeline

  • Emailed Mary Seefeld

    I sent my first email to Mrs. Seefeld, asking if Redstone Highlands Senior Living Communities in Murrysville could be the setting and host of my Gold Award project. As Activities Coordinator at Redstone Highlands, she will be my project advisor, who will schedule my Gold Award project and advertise it to the residents. Speaking with Mrs. Seefeld through email, altogether, took about one hour.
  • Period: to

    Research on Project

    In this timespan, I did preliminary research on strokes and stroke prevention to gain a basic understanding for my topic. This helped me in my email and in-person meetings with my team members. This research time totaled about 5 hours.
  • Period: to

    Total Time Spent on Project

    Total hours: 86
    Leadership hours: 21
  • Emailed Ashley Butler

    I sent my first email to Ashley Butler, Stroke Program Coordinator at Forbes Regional Hospital. Having found her name on the hospital's website, I thought that she would be a knowledgeable person concerning strokes, and someone who could establish a connection with a medical doctor who could provide expertise in my project. The email conversation that we had took about an hour in total.
  • Met with Mary Seefeld and Bryan Evans

    I met with Mrs. Seefeld and Mr. Bryan Evans (the campus director at Redstone Highlands in Murrysville) to discuss my Gold Award project. I presented the idea for my project and how I planned to carry out the project to them, and they seemed very enthusiastic to have me. The meeting lasted for about 40 minutes.
  • Met with Ashley Butler

    Through email, I planned to meet with Ashley Butler at Forbes Regional Hospital. I introduced my project idea to her, and asked if she knew any medical doctors who specialized in strokes, who would be willing to provide expertise in my project. She recommended a doctor to me (Dr. Seth Lichtenstein, MD). The meeting took about an hour.
  • Mailed Gold Award Proposal

  • Spread Word about Mini-Concert on Facebook

    I will spread the word about the upcoming mini-concert that I will give to the residents. On Facebook, I will send messages out to the people that I think would be interested, and update my status to raise more awareness. Total time = about fifteen minutes.
  • Continue Research on Project

    This is six weeks after I intend to mail out my Gold Award proposal. I will spend 5 hours doing research on strokes and stroke prevention.
  • Continue Researching

    I will put in 5 hours of research time on my project. Research will continue to be done using reliable sources on the Internet and books in my local library.
  • Continue Researching

    5 more hours of research will be done. By this point, I should have ample research to continue in my project.
  • Meet with Mary Seefeld

    I will meet with my project adviser to discuss logistics for my project. Where will it take place in Redstone Highlands? What time during the day is most convenient? These questions will be answered in a meeting that is expected to take one hour.
  • Write Speech

    I will spend 5 hours writing my speech on stroke awareness. This is the speech that I will give on the first day of my "Take Action!" project.
  • Period: to

    Keep in Touch with Dr. Lichtenstein

    Dr. Lichtenstein has volunteered to proofread all of my materials (speeches, PowerPoints, brochures, etc.) As I complete them, I will send all materials to him and correspond with him.
  • Edit Speech

    I will spend a total of 3 hours editing this first speech with my dad.
  • Memorize and Practice Speech

    I will memorize my speech on an individual basis, and practice it with my dad. This process is expected to take 2 hours.
  • Create Bingo Game

    I will ask my friends, Mia and Corinne Baker, to come over to my house and help me design and create the Bingo boards for the game that I will organize for the residents. Here's how the game will work:
    1. I will draw a slip of paper out of a box that contains a question pertaining to stroke awareness.
    2. If the answer to the question appears on a game board, a marker will be placed over the square.
    3. The first three residents per game to call out "BINGO!" will be the winners.
    (5 hours)
  • Write Second Speech

    For five hours, I will write my second speech. This speech will revolve around stroke prevention--what the audience can do now to protect themselves and their loved ones from being affected by a stroke.
  • Edit, Memorize, and Practice Speech

    For five hours, I will edit my speech, memorize it, and practice it with my dad's help.
  • Create Presentations

    For five hours, I will create the PowerPoint presentations that will go along with my speeches.
  • Create Brochures

    I will use Microsoft Publisher to create brochures that correspond to my lectures. They'll be left at Redstone Highlands for future use by all residents. I will travel to FedEx Office to have them printed out. Total time taken will be about 5 hours.
  • Contact Volunteers for Mini-Concert

    On one day of "A Stroke of Kindness," I will organize a mini-concert of relaxing music for the residents to reduce stress. I will reach out to classmates who are musicians, asking if they'd be willing to participate in this mini-concert. I'll host a meeting at my house for about an hour. Total time is about 4 hours.
  • Rehearsal for Mini-Concert

    I will invite all of the participants for the mini-concert to my house, where we will rehearse. Total time taken will be about 2 hours.
  • Create Program for Mini-Concert

    I will create a program on Microsoft Publisher for the mini-concert, and travel to FedEx office to have them printed out. Total time will be about 2 hours.
  • Day 1: Introducing Strokes

    This is the first day of my actual project. At Redstone Highlands, I will lecture for about 20 minutes and introduce Dr. Lichtenstein, the medical expert who is willing to assist me. We will then answer questions that the residents may have for 40 minutes. The lecture will be filmed using my own video camera and equipment.
  • Day 2: Stroke Awareness Bingo

    I, along with a few volunteers (such as my friends, Mia and Corinne), will travel to Redstone Highlands and play Stroke Awareness Bingo (as earlier described), to help the residents review the information that I presented yesterday. Total time taken is about 3 hours.
  • Day 3: Stroke Prevention

    I will travel to Redstone Highlands and lecture for about 20 minutes about how the audience can prevent the onset of a stroke. I'm working on getting a nutritionist to accompany me to provide healthy eating expertise in the area of stroke prevention. Total time will be about one hour. The lecture will be filmed using my own video camera and equipment.
  • Day 4: Pass Out Brochures, Edit Videos

    No face-to-face interaction with the residents today, but I will travel to Redstone Highlands and distribute the brochures that I made to them. I will also use Windows Movie Maker to edit the filmed lectures and put them on blank DVDs to be distributed later at Redstone Highlands. Total time = 5 hours.
  • Day 5: Mini-Concert

    All of the musicians who volunteered to play at the mini-concert will accompany me to Redstone Highlands. The concert will be filmed using my own video camera and equipment. Total time will be around 2 hours.
  • Period: to

    Edit and Distribute Videos

    I will use Windows Movie Maker to finish editing all videos, put them on DVDs, and give them to Redstone Highlands. Total time taken will be about 6 hours.