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Ammar's life

By ammgaf1
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    Ammars life

  • To be a Power Ranger

    To be a Power Ranger
    When I was really young I wanted to be a power ranger because loved that show and watched it almost everyday.
  • To be an astronaut

    To be an astronaut
    When I was 6 years old I wanted to be an astronaut because I thought it was cool to be in space. Also I love astronomy.
  • Become a spy

    Become a spy
    On my brothers birthday we watched his favorite movie The Bourne Identity and thats when I wanted to become a spy because I thought it would be cool to work for the C.I.A
  • Collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards

    Collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards
    When I was 9 years old I loved the show Yu-Gi-Oh and wanted to collect as many cards that I could to play with my friends.
  • To be a Niles West Tech Leader

    To be a Niles West Tech Leader
    I wanted to be a tech leader in January of 2012 because that year my brother graduated and he was a tech leader so I wanted to be a one too.
  • To get to the DECA state championship

    To get to the DECA state championship
    Every since I joined DECA I wnted to get to the state championship. Also I want to be good at business so I could start one in the future if i need to
  • To become a 4 year 3 sport athlete

    To become a 4 year 3 sport athlete
    Ever since football ended I wantedto join more sports sonow I want to do 3 sports in al four ears of high school.Also collages really like to enroll students who are invovled in school and sports.
  • Get a job

    Get a job
    As my first job it dosent really matter where I unless I earn something. I want to either work a minimum wage job or work in my fathers business
  • Graduate for honors

    Graduate for honors
    I want to graduate with honors because I want to go to a good university and have a good job in the future
  • Go to University

    Go to University
    I always wantd to go to one of the big ten universities. Also I want to go to a good university like my brother who went to DePaul.
  • Buy a car

    Buy a car
    I want to buy a good reliable car when Im 20. I want a good and not really expensive car as my first car.
  • Get a better job

    Get a better job
    After university I want a full time job with a good salary. I want a job that was my major in highschool.
  • Graduate university

    Graduate university
    I want to graduate university with good grades so I could get a better job than I will have at he time.
  • Buy a house

    Buy a house
    After I graduate from university I want to buy big house that has a swimming pool
  • Go hunting

    Go hunting
    I have senn in movies how people go hunting and catch wild animals. That always seemed cool to me when i older I want to go hunting for my twenty fifth birthday
  • Get married

    Get married
    I want to get married after I have a good paying job and a house for my family to live in.
  • Watch my kids grow up

    Watch my kids grow up
    I want to watch my kids go to school and watch them grow up. Also I want to make enough money so they could go to a good University.
  • Start a business

    Start a business
    I want to start a business because of all the benefits of having a business. I want to mak lots of money and I want to be my own boss in the future.
  • with the lottery

    with the lottery
    I want to win the lottery because I have seen people on T.V who have won money and retired rich.
  • Sky dive

    Sky dive
    I was always scared of hights so when I get older I want to conquer my fears by sky diving.
  • Travel the world

    Travel the world
    I have traveled a lot in my life, as a result I lve to travel so I want to travel to as many places as I can and see as many sights as I can.
  • Bungee Jump

    Bungee Jump
    I want to get rid of my fear of hights so I want to sky dve and bungee jump when I get old.
  • Go to the superbowl

    Go to the superbowl
    I love football because it is, in my opinion the best sport you could play. Since i ove football I always wanted to go to the superbowl.
  • Buy a big house on an island

    Buy a big house on an island
    I want to have a private beach on my own island so I couldlive where there is no one to bother me.