Slippery Stairs

  • ESPN Ocho

    ESPN Ocho
    Slippery stairs was featured as a sport in the 2019 ESPN Ocho, it became very popular as a weird sport and with the help of investors has the potential to be a hit as a stand alone event.
  • College Tour

    College Tour
    ESPN launched the Slippery Stairs College Tour in Costa Mesa California where college students (ages 18-25) can compete against each other in hopes to advance to the championship. ESPN also hosts a Junior tour for ages 7-13 year olds too compete.
  • Period: to

    Research Phase

    Began research on the sport of Slippery Stairs including aspects of the game such as: history, fan profiles, athlete profiles, training required, rules, coaching, venues, resources required, media articles, broadcasting, and merchandise. Research also included Japan's business culture in order for us Americans to act properly while corresponding through business meetings.
  • Initial meeting

    Initial meeting
    Presentation to pitch Slippery Stairs to American investors in ordered to get approved and bring the sport over from Japan
  • Sport Analysis

    Sport Analysis
    SWOT analysis presentation for Slippery Stairs in Japan and coming over to America. Also included plan to overcome weaknesses and threats.
  • Period: to

    Correspondence Phase

    During the month of April, my team will be consulting with the Japanese marketing team from All-Star Thanksgiving, the variety show Slippery stairs was first featured on. We will be conducting business meetings to show how we will market this sport to American people
  • United States adopts Slippery Stairs

    United States adopts Slippery Stairs
    United States approved sport to be played. We are marketing this sport to everyone, to enjoy with their families for comedic entertainment. There is no need to get Japanese athletes and spectators here, because the sport does not require much training. Instead, we will adopt the sport like the American show Wipeout. We can release forms to audition for the show to get on television. We will also have special events such as celebrity games and famous athletes (in other sports) compete.
  • Period: to

    Market research phase

    This time span will be carved out to do research for the marketing campaign, to reach the most amount of people when the campaign is launched. The questions that need to be answered during this time goes as follows:
    -What platforms will be best to release an ad? (Social media- Instagram, Twitter, TikTok can reach younger audiences. Facebook, TV ads, print ads- older audiences)
    -What type of ad will be the most effective?
    -What type of content will bring the most popularity to the sport?
  • Reach out to TV stars

    Reach out to TV stars
    Reach out to TV talk show hosts like stars Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, and shows like Saturday Night Live to try and get one of their segments to be a big game of Slippery Stairs with celebrities to introduce the sport to America and increase hype with celebrities support and participation. With the famous people behind the sport in broadcasting, it will influence the target market (everyone) to tune in.
  • Contract with ESPN

    Contract with ESPN
    In making a contract with ESPN, this will secure that Slippery Stairs will be aired on this channel on live cable TV starting in August. In signing this deal, a construction company will start building the venue for this sport starting with an open room, and a set of mobile stairs for traveling events. ESPN will provide a commentator at each event, 2 helpers at the top of the stairs to continue pouring slippery liquid on the stairs, and a referee to make sure the game goes smoothly.
  • Slippery stairs aires

    Slippery stairs aires
    Slippery Stairs will air on television as a stand alone event from August- March weekly on Wednesday nights on ESPN. The sport will be available to record and also be available to stream on ESPN+
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    Slippery stairs TV

    The timespan for each year that the Slippery Stairs season will be in full effect. Contestants will sign-up online, and if chosen by ESPN they will come participate in live contests, every. Wednesday night.
  • Slippery Stairs College Tour begins

    Slippery Stairs College Tour begins
    The mobile Slippery Stairs events will begin in the spring, starting in March when college students are still on campus in their 2nd semester of the year. The event will be set up on college campuses across the country on the weekends. The ESPN team will travel to colleges that sign-up to want to participate. It will be held on weekends so parents and families can travel to see their kids compete without interrupting Football season (college played on Saturdays, NFL games on Sundays)
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    Slippery Stairs College Tour

    Multiple teams from ESPN will travel with the mobile stairs menu to colleges across the country each weekend during these 2 months. A college/university can have as many people participate as wanted, but each school will end up with 1 winner to advance to the championship.
  • Slippery Stairs Junior Tour Begins

    Slippery Stairs Junior Tour Begins
    Set up just like the College tour, the junior tour will be held 2 months after the start of the college tour because the academic year goes longer for elementary school students. The multiple teams at ESPN will travel to towns across the country to set up this mobile venue in an ideal location where the whole town can come see their children compete.
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    Junior Tour

    The Slippery Stairs team will travel to elementary schools across the country, with children willing to participate. This event will be held on weekends so families can gather and watch, also broadcasted on ESPN where viewers from all around the United States can tune in for a fun watch.
  • College/Junior Tour Championship

    College/Junior Tour Championship
    A weekend of fun will be held in the Slippery Stairs facility manufactured in the ESPN studio used for the live TV events, for all the lucky winners who won their state competitions. Families of the contestants are covered in the trip cost, so many spectators will attend the in-person event. The event will also be broadcasted as a 2 day event, on July 1st and 2nd. The USA champions of the college and junior brackets will be named at this event.