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Beatriz Santos

By beasan1
  • Birth

    I was born in Saint Joseph hospital in Chicago at 11:16 AM.
  • Brother's Birth

    Brother's Birth
    My younger brother, Richard, was born in Chicago. Since I'm only two years older, I don't remember much of his birth, but I'm glad it happened. Richard is my absolute favorirte person in the world and I would do absolutley anything for him. He's the little nugget I love the most.
  • Baptism

    I was baptised in Lake Michigan the summer going into 7th grade. In Christianity, baptism is a proclamation of newfound faith. I was baptised by a woman who had basically watched me grow up, and my friend, Jessie Hudson, had been baptised by our youth pastor. My baptism was a huge step in both faith and an event I hope to never forget.
  • Small Group Leader

    Small Group Leader
    At Willow Creek, there are basically four programs, according to age. Birth through 5th grade goes to Promiseland, 6th-8th grade goes to Elevate, 9th-12th goes to Impact, and after that, you go to the main service. I started leading as a small group leader for 5th grade girls. I basically guide them through the message and ask them questions to guide them through their faith. More than that, I try to be a role model and someone they can go to when things are tough at home, or at school, etc.
  • First Job!

    First Job!
    After about two months of interviews and paperwork, I was hired and worked my first day at Willow Creek Church, located in Northfield. Willow has been renting Christian Heritage Academy so my job is to set up, tear down, and everything inbetween. It's a manual and maitenence job, but I love everyone I work with. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else as my first job.
  • College

    I hope to be attending the University of Illinois in Chicago. I plan to be taking their dentistry course for as long as it has to. After I finish, I will specialize in orthadontics and study hard so I can get a job as soon as I'm qualified.
  • Job

    If I am legally qualified for a job, I would like to be working in a dental clinic by then. If not, I hope to at least be interning or assisting some dental appointments. It's really importat I get a job as soon as possible because I know I'll have lots of student loans to pay off. (The picture features me the first day I got braces.)
  • Living Status

    Since I will still be in college, I assume I will be living at home with my parents. Just because I will be sleeping there does not mean I will be home often, I plan to keep a close college experience and spend much of my time exploring the ins and outs of the Windy City.
  • Vroom

    My car won't be my number 1 priority because of college in the city. I will most likely drive a used Lexus, since my dad works there. It'll be a five seater with heated seating for the chilly winters. I'd like it to be black or gray to give it a luxury aesthetic.
  • Job

    I will hopefully be done with college and be employed at a dental clinic for some time. Ideally, I'll go on to having my own clinic and I will have people working under me. I plan to work hard enough to be successful, but not so hard I wear myself down and have little to no freetime.
  • Living Status

    By this time, I have to make a choice on where to live. I'll have my own job and be making income, so I could purchase a home, but it'd get boring. I suppose I could live with my family still, but I hope to one day live in California. My sisters live there, and I could be with my niece all the time. By then, she'll be 10 years old.
  • Marrital Status

    I'm hopeful to find a boyfriend in college because it'll ensure if we're going to the same college, he's somewhat smart enough, and financially stable if he's going into the practice of orthadontics. As soon as I'm finished with college and own my own clinic, I'll be in a point in my life where I can get married. I probably won't have kids yet, and maybe a pomeranian husky.